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  1. Erm, I can't think of much in the world more self-aware than that haircut.
  2. Indeed and congrats to Jacob. I must insist that she's only 'new gal' in pics featuring the back of her head though. JP has never met New Guy.
  3. New batch of Matt the Younger is officially in the bottle. I planned to bottle my other two beers on hand but things got messy. Pulled out the handy spring loaded bottle filler and found that the spring was gone. Shit. Filling bottles with nothing but a hose and a hose clamp sucks.
  4. I didn't either, makes perfect sense. From Wiki: I will LOL for a week.
  5. That's definitely in my old stomping ground. My typical once a week ride bike ride with friends looked something like this, if we didn't get creative. Macdill AFB is near point "B". Davis Island is on point C. http://goo.gl/maps/biQt And of course, Derek Jeter's new 30000+ sq ft mansion is in the hood.
  6. Fishing With John (1991) Musician and actor John Lurie may know very little about fishing, but that doesn't stop him from rounding up an eclectic bunch of celebrity friends and hitting the great outdoors in search of scaly trophies in this tongue-in-cheek documentary series. W/ Jim Jarmush, Tom Waits, Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe, and Dennis Hopper. Started laughing as soon as I heard the theme song. Available on Netflix.
  7. Sounds like simple pilot error. In flight terms the airports in question are very close together. The runways are almost on the same bearing.
  8. Major suck Shelly, everything always breaks in threes for me, so go bust up something you don't care about. Also how much are you considering just abandoning the gas line and going electric?
  9. Walked out the door on the way to work and slipped on a nice fresh algae patch on my steps. Went sideways and popped my kneecap out of place for a second. Hurt like hell, and it's still sore. Of course I didn't go to work like that. Had a big day too, lots of extra money involved. Grr. Update on this, I called her after a couple weeks (Her phone was off for most of that time). She returned the call, I was already home and it was raining so I asked her to call me the next time she was working, because I'm up and down the road all the time. So far no return call. I considered going to her restaraunt with a few people and demanding free food, but it's a terrible country buffet thing and is best avoided even if free.
  10. Great episode, the transformation is nearly complete.
  11. Well over that more than likely. Also had a guy asking about HD600 woody mods, which I guess I posted about at some point also way in the past.
  12. I missed the post, but logging in revealed that I had two PM's from April 2011 sitting on Head-fi from Guru. Totally forgot that the last thing I'd written to him in 2008 was a fairly scathing remark on his ego and such.... Three years later after much soul seraching or something he sends two PM's full of apologies. The BS just keeps giving. I got sick of him and yelled at him (and had a hilarious post-dude-breakup exchange of borrowed stuff). If I saw him now I'd buy him a beer and be happy knowing we're both no longer 23 years old
  13. Not to mention I'm playing at a time when I'm usually asleep or at least headed that way. I'm a bit zombie like myself at midnight.
  14. In general yelling and stress in gaming isn't exactly my favorite thing, so yeah. This game is stress.
  15. And get yourself a good studfinder. What you want to do is mark a few targets in common spots around your home where you're likely to be punching walls. Drywall < Fist < 2x4
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