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  1. Also forgot to mention the K and K RAKK DAC... I guess, now that I stop and think about it, there's a pretty good field to start with. Any commentary on these designs?
  2. Touche Now that we've gotten over the TPA lovefest, any other recommendations? Or thoughts on Hagerman or Tent Labs? Edit: that's not dismissive, I'm definitely going to look at the Buffalo and related stuff.
  3. Sigh. Let's rephrase things to "I'm looking for beefy output stages, Modwright-style."
  4. Right, I forgot to mention them. As long as I could pair up a discrete transistor or tube I/V and output stage to it, I'd think about that. All I've found on the site is an opamp I/V stage, maybe I'm missing something.
  5. I'm looking for suggestions of interesting DAC designs and/or PCBs/kits. I guess I'm shooting for the higher end of things, and PCM1704-based stuff has gotten my attention. So far I've found the Hagerman Chime and TentLabs kit. Any opinions on these? Anything else I should consider? Also, are there any standalone USB-I2S or analog output stage kits worth looking at? Thanks!
  6. Abrahamsen looks to be closely related to Electrocompaniet. Their History section lists the same two names as Electrocompaniet, Otala and Lohstroh, the product websites end in .no, and the Abrahamsen website is copyright ECS Holdings- the EC part sounds familiar. Wonder what's going on there.
  7. I like xkcd, but not enough to read it daily. The epic ones are boring, and sometimes the science-as-religion is poured on a bit thick. I don't mind some of the inside jokes:
  8. iceman94


    I just wish those who are not religious would stop forcing their views on the rest of us. Funny how oh-so-"tolerant" liberals are so quick to jump on and hate. Yes, evangelicals should back off, they piss me off because they're doing it wrong too. But come on, the double standards are suffocating. Stop calling yourselves tolerant when that only works in one direction.
  9. iceman94


    This is exactly what I was trying to describe before. Like Reks says, come to a college campus and see what its like. Something I didn't notice until now was the popular vote. A lot closer than I expected, honestly. Or rather, the electoral vote overemphasizes the actual gap between the two candidates.
  10. iceman94


    I certainly wasn't voting for someone this election, only against. But my point isn't who people supported or what their beliefs are, but how they went about it. I don't know how to describe it, really, other than fanaticism.
  11. iceman94


    Democrats have greater control of the House and Senate, too. Obama himself, aside from the FUCKING RIDICULOUS force-feeding one receives in the Chicago area, would be a giant meh to me with a balanced legislative branch, but that combo is legitimately making me nervous. I used to mock the anti-Bush fanatics, but now I understand that mindset a tiny bit better. I can't get over how a lot of people fawn over Obama and his campaign around here. Seriously, people going around like "Happy Obama Day", "Did you vote for change?", etc. obnoxiously in public today. If a bunch of Christians were like
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