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  1. Does anybody have experience with one of these?: (Picture and text about 2/3 down the page) awards Furutech deStat
  2. Thanks for the additional instructions. My Zerostat is probably close to that age but the tester is long since gone. And I still have some of those tapes, although I don't really know why.
  3. Why don't you guys go start an "I Hate Vinyl and I'ts A Waste of Time and Money" thread and quit dumping on my OP. You can all go over there and congratulate your selves on your wisdom and your great ears. When digital hits 36/384 I hope that I will be able to join you. All the hopping up and down to change the record is making me muscle bound. On an on topic note I think I'll take my Zerostat into my audio dealer next time I visit and see if it is working compared to his Zerostat. In my OP I was thinking that something that would possibly effect magnetic charge would also ground out any
  4. I also forgot to mention that, generally, the higher quality the cartridge the less harsh and intrusive the surface noise.
  5. Geez, ask a technical question on vinyl, and even then it degrades into an uninvited love it/hate it debate. Now if someone can only tell me how to get rid of the static on this thread (the whole forum would be much too much to ask for) I'd be most appreciative. Several times I have shot my Zerostat at the opening page of Head-Case but it doesn't seem to have any effect. For those who don't appreciate vinyl, please leave me in my ignorance. I've been afflicted by this vinyl madness for far too long and somehow it works for me. Besides it keeps me off the streets (my parole officer is appre
  6. Does anyone have experience with effectively demagnetizing vinyl and how? I have Nitty Gritty record cleaning machine and this helps some. I use a carbon brush on each side of play. I also have a Zerostat (slow squeeze in near the record and then discharge away fro the rrecord) but I hear little effect with this. I know there are a several of machines, one in the $300-400 price range, which I'd consider if it was truly effective. I am looking to cut down on the crackling and/or static type of noise. Am I correct in attributing this noise to static charge?
  7. I absolutely agree with the necessity of a record cleaning machine. Most of the time, the used American pressings are pretty acceptable, especially if I get an original American pressing. And even the Warners/Reprise reissues are good. And occassionally you get something that has got too much surface noise, and there is nothing to do but dump those if you've really cleaned them well. Modern audiophile vinyl, while expensive, is generally very quiet and should be no problem. Experimenting with interconnects from your phono pre to amp can make a big difference and be one way to dial down
  8. Yeah its a rip off, yeah its a bummer, and yeah it is lining up to be a very good meet. Do you want to miss that? Pack you headphones, a toothbrush and come. It always good to see you at meets.
  9. Indra, Congratulations. I know you have wanted these for a long time. And I am sure you will enjoy them for a long time to come.
  10. Some of us SoCal guys have made several trips to Bay Area meets to harass the locals. So this is your opportunity for some payback I would be great to see a number of you down here. I know more NorCal guys than I do SoCal guys--and I don't want to be lonely. You could carpool in one car and tow a great big trailer behind for all the gear. And David, I already counted myself in on the other site.
  11. ldj325


    What was your experience when you listened to the Tributaries?
  12. ldj325


    I don't have any higher end unblalanced cable to compare these to. But I did listen to Monster Cable Interconnect 400 as well as DIY Mogami quad core 2534. The Tributaries were definitely better than those in a number of ways. So I'm happy with them as interconnects, very especially at $30.
  13. This morning I watched the event that is what looks to me like ballet with twirling ribbons with a little baton throwing added (I don't know the name). Very beautiful, but I am somehow having a hard time seeing that as a sport as it looks more like a performance art to me. I do want to watch Bolt run again, simply amazing.
  14. ldj325


    Tributaries - Silver Series SCV C Component Video Cable-Audio Advisor I don't know anything about this cable's performance. But I just got a set of 3 and they look nice and appear well made. They are Tributaries listed priced at $330 for a set of three (originally intended as component video interconnects). Audio Advisor is selling them for $30 + shipping either 1M or 2M lenghts. The wire is silver coated silver. They are described as 75 ohm cable and connector (but there is some controversy about if an RCA can be a true 75 ohm connection.) The cables can also be used as standard audio i
  15. There's a bit of shit hitting the fan over the Chinese "women" gymnastics ages. It seems that there is now an official IOC investigation into the age question. Interesting timing on the part of the IOC. I mean come on, they've already know that several of those girls are underage. But when this was brought up before the Olympics the IOC found nothing to investigate. Why now? Maybe just to get Bela to shut up. In which case it will probably be a quick sweep it under the carpet investigation to give the illusion that due diligence was done. My personal feeling is if the IOC didn't have the ba
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