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  1. i like mine better. go fix your own lame-assed shtick.
  2. no need to go overboard with the amp when the utopia is so efficient
  3. tin ear

    Sony MDR-Z1R

    only the finest drivel will do
  4. failed to read welcome pm

  5. spent some time with the utopia yesterday. if i had the money and could get over the obscene price, i'd buy it.
  6. the release date for the v3 will be announced in a moment
  7. please tell me that you're not going to bang on about the benefits of sorbothane here too
  8. "The beautiful, cantilevered Shangrii La amplifier..." Jesus H Christ!
  9. tin ear

    Sony MDR-Z1R

    it's beautiful. shame there aren't any pics of it here.
  10. don't go saying that over at hf or you'll be accused of derailing the hype train
  11. that's a coincidence, i ran over a cyclist just last week
  12. i agree with the wife. the he1000 softens the leading edge of notes to my ears. it's the lightest and most comfortable planar magnetic that i've worn which is welcome, but the hd800/s expose it for the overpriced can that it is.
  13. it's an easier listen than the original but i still can't get excited about it. there are other headphones that i'd rather spend time with.
  14. i'm familiar with the hd800 having heard it a number of times on different set-ups. i started my comparison with the hd800s and found it pleasant enough. it's still a bright sounding headphone tho. it also had ample bass. other than that, it didn't seem to differ too much from the hd800 from memory. that was until i switched to the hd800 and the differences between the two were more than subtle to my ears. the hd800 was even brighter and the bass was dialled down quite a bit. i didn't listen to it for long - it was just too fatiguing for me. so the new iteration's shift in tonal balance is welcome. that said, the hd800s seems to have lost some extension and air in the treble region compared to the hd800. whether that translates to a loss of ultimate resolution i don't know, but there did seem to be something missing and i don't think it was just glare.
  15. great article from tyll as usual. i got to compare the hd800s and hd800. i prefer the hd800s.
  16. it was tongue in cheek ya daft tit
  17. that's disappointing. i was hoping the difference was like night and day.
  18. likewise and i'm looking forward to hearing it and comparing it to the hd800
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