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  1. What can I say... nordic "internal deviations" The local version here is Skål... but the etymology of the word is what's more interesting... as you probably already know...
  2. From the bottom of my heart... I envy you ! You have probably destroyed more things than other people (none mentioned, none forgotten ) have seen... and - I meant, of course, electronics - audio related stuff...
  3. ... just when I had hopes 'bout someone building me an amp here... confidence level rising...
  4. Furthest I've come was launching a led diode to the ceiling from the circuit board... no countdown prior...
  5. Just started to read on (from its beginning) old thread... very interesting... will do some reading on it now to see what eventually happened with that 1.2k V amp project... Still probably doesn't match this "venture"
  6. Thanks for the offset... now for me : off to the nearest bridge and jump... Ever considered some charity work, Birgir ? Now, joke aside, I think there's far more serious issue raised by the question of dissecting amps, building the same (only improved though) staff or the far lesser price.... it really boils down to the matter of the state of the "industry" and how to improve it... Not really wanting to sound pretentious (with all risk to get there inadvertently), just a food for thought. Oh, another thing, spritzer, You have mentioned earlier that you are not sure you woul
  7. Overbuilt staff rule (when done properly)... HD800, well, yes, thinking again, +1 on that - some Beyerdynamic came out, K812 (reportedly not measuring as well as HD800)... But HD800 started an ugly trend of serious, major jump in prices of the cans ... Orthos - never tried any of them, some swear by them, others even returned to supposedly much lesser and cheaper dynamics, claiming that they never found in them what they already had in their dynamics, so... who knows... Speaking of overbuilt stuff (physically and otherwise), whatever happened to the thread where the same ov
  8. Reading from the different sources (not only the head-case.org, but mostly), everything points about what you've said about the amp... opting to go with the non-stax (on not the one at the link) amp would be the option... funny though... as a side note: the founder of the beyerdynamic (I have read somewhere) reportedly deemed out the electrostat technology as something that will never be optimal for headphones... I actually have the reverse "illness", I have always thought that those stack amps look too small... I would actually love to have an electrostat amp of the size of the Studio Si
  9. Skimming through this thread... just looked out of coincidence on one retailer's page in Denmark... no advertising by any means, so please remove the link if needed, or notify me to do so. http://hifi-freaks.dk/webshop//produkter-hovedtelefoner-saet-forstaerker-hovedtelefon-stax-sr-007-sr-007mkii-srm-007tii-p-349.html Now, looking at the price point (not knowing a squat about the quality of the amp itself) the question naturally arising is: What is the point of dealing with the dynamic system at all (or orthos, for that matter) - pricewise and regarding the sound quality?
  10. this was exactly two hours ago. Appreciate all the candid(ness) here, however, I fail to see how relevant all of that is to the subject of this thread. Most interesting posts here were those issuing the technical details on the orpheus, as well as criticism based on that. More of that, please, can we agree on that and that, on my behalf I WILL SHUT THE FUCK UP about anything close to K701 ?
  11. Lol... omg ... Hey, girls, girls! I can also mention names of people who have dissimilar opinions, and still get along with well! ... Girls ?
  12. Oh, really... (?) Ask spritzer bout whos interested in what - I had some questions for him on amps, and he was at the time the world of difference to you and the rest of the "tribal community" here... (sorry for dragging his name into this MUD), but... I mean, really ... No answer to questions I asked on the subject, still ?
  13. You sound bitter and abrasive, sorry to say this. ATHW whatever you list you've got is shit in comparison to K701, thank You very much. If this is the way of administering the forum on your behalf, and greeting "new" members, then, well, clap clap, You have my applauses. Move the posts or erase them, for all I could care. You complain about other sites, what is the principal difference between the way you act here, and them - you being more rude, direct, insulting and ignorant ? I'm picking now on You since you're going on about nothing relevant, (to this thread), but neglect t
  14. I imagine that (even if You are administrator on this forum) I am not "selling" anything to anyone here; furthermore the K701 is mid fi, well known entity since long ago, and far from the preference of the members here. I am not remotely interested in convincing (and not even remotely selling) anyone in anything here. If people are not interested in the fashion You are implying, well, then let them voice their opinion themselves, which they obviously do. What i wrote earlier about psychoacustical issues and human hearing, well, I can refer to that - if needed, but I suppose no one
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