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  1. just shows to go ya that not everyone is expendable. innerfidelity continued in name only without Tyll. i deleted the bookmark today without a second thought.
  2. We hear them similarly. I found the Clear boring coming from the Utopia tbh.
  3. i don't like your chances here
  4. the poll is statistically meaningless. the guy who started it has acknowledged that and tried to have it removed without success.
  5. is this worthy of consideration as an all-in-one dac/head-amp option for low-impedance single-ended headphones? https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/conductor-v2-plus/
  6. "... astonishingly transparent sound, thanks to a unique glass transducer cover..."
  7. well that's not gonna happen without me buying one first
  8. "completely different animal"? i find that hard to believe having tried the hd800 with a variety of amps. not even the hd800s is a "completely different animal" from the hd800. an amp would have to reduce the 6khz peak and increase the bass in order to transform the hd800's sound signature into something approaching significantly different. i'm yet to hear an amp do that and it's arguable that no amp should.
  9. i'm with bjorn on the utopia and hd800 comparison
  10. tin ear


    starting two threads when one would have sufficed is a really informed choice
  11. the hd800 won't sound like your hd650. i preferred the hd800s to the hd800 because it wasn't as bright. sennheiser's taming of the notorious 6khz spike made the hd800s a less fatiguing listen for me. everything wears out eventually, including headphone drivers.
  12. @steveg - the sr-325(i) is the most aggressive sounding grado going around. you might have found the sr-225(e) which is cheaper or the ps-500(e) which is more expensive, more to your liking. going to a meet or to an audio store that carries a range of headphones for you to try is recommended.
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