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  1. Well this scared me a bit. Seems that Woo is not a good option in terms of reliability.
  2. I'm trying to find out if my 007MkI is the early or late version. Its S/N is 71194 but it has the faux carbon box. Is there any other differences? That Stax paper that comes with it says "Printed in Japan 98-10-1K MA", don't know if this helps anything. I have read that the arc and headband changed, but wasn't able to see any differences in the photos I found in internet.
  3. How this KGST stands in sound quality with O2mkI against the KGSSHV? And in build difficulty? Thanks
  4. Anyone know where I can get 2 LSK389A? Trendsetter is out of stock.
  5. I'm currently buying the componentes for the kgsshv using the BOM by ujamerstand, but I have a problem: 2SC2705 4 Toshiba Mouser 757-2SC2705-O(TE6,F 2SC1815 2 Toshiba Mouser 2SC1815GRTE2FT Bridge 1 STM Electronics mouser 512-KBU4M 2n3904 4 On Semiconductor mouser 863-2N3904G These parts are listed as obsolete in mouser. I could find a replacement for the 2n3904 with the same specs (2n4401) , but got no luck with the other ones... Anyone have these and want to sell me? Or can help me finding a replacement that is ok? Thanks guys
  6. Thanks guys for this, It's going to be really helpful!
  7. Thanks livewire I was using the Lil Knight BOM and the 4.7M listed is the 293-4.7M-RC (xicon) which is rated only 350v... The KOA Speer, although listed as 700v voltage rating at mouser, if you look at the data sheet, the absolute maximum working voltage is only 350v too. The best I could get was the CMF-60 from Vishay/Dale, absolute maximum working voltage of 500v. Do you have any model that is rated at 600v spritzer? Looked at mouser and couldn't find any that kept the 50ppm/C and 1/2watt power rating Thanks
  8. I did some research on parts that I need to buy since there are tons of BOMs, and looking at the schematics and the jpg and found that the resistor before the Pro Bias in pdf uses 5M and in jpg 4.7M... Which one is the right one? Or this don't make any difference? Should I trust more in the pdf schematic or the jpg? JPG: http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/kgsshvps8e.jpg PDF: http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/kgsshvps8e.pdf I'm going to build IXYS since A1968 is unobtainable nowadays... using IXYS, If I'm using a 450v supply, R6 and R16 stay as 20k right? The resistance on these is dependent only of the supply and not if it's ixys or a1968, is it correct? Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks guys, I'm quite lucky since an user from a brazilian forum sent me a pm willing to sell me his pcb from Lil Knight board run, offboard version rev0.6 - so probably no trace error? I got the FCE from johnwmclean, who was very kind to share it with me. Things are going well, let's hope it continue like this until the end!
  10. Thanks spritzer, will send the Gerber to some fabhouses to see how much it would be! Hope that they make small quantities of the board... Can someone confirm if this are the last gerber avaliable? http://gilmore.chem....gsshvampv7s.zip http://gilmore.chem..../kgsshvps8e.zip I need two of the kgsshvampv7s and one of the kgsshvps8e right? Is it better to use onboard heatsink or pesante? Thanks
  11. Well, I'm waiting for the next board production to get the pcb and start building mine, since It's kinda difficult to get one now... Any prediction on when another board run happens? Thanks
  12. Could you guys tell me how much did you spend in your kgsshv build? Thanks
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