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  1. Annda ...one....annda tweww....
  2. OMG ..... Ian too !! Here's a Metal Tomato..... ...... playin' ketchup here.
  3. The answer is a BIG OL' YES HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
  4. The brown blob is Lola, V's dog. Carl is 30 days post surgery.! Yay
  5. Hangin' out at Tyrion's place....for buds, brisket and brews. Got CarlSeibert back into action.....
  6. Condos can have really miserable rules. Enforced by devilish "condo commandos". Make sure there is no hidden "rec lease" - that was scam in FL for years. Residents would have to buy out the recreation facilities from the builder. Could be assessments too, anything from bad roofs, to collapsing balconies. And never pay for pre-construction price. Don't buy into "Phase 4" which is not built yet.
  7. Oh yeah ---- lucky dude. Either fresh or dried, awesome in pasta, just add butter
  8. Yes -- drink plenty of fluids, like we do ........
  9. Close Up of the Pastafarian, wireless cans headset .....note... these cups "Go to 11" !
  10. Its a very eco-vehicle, powered by bio-fuel (beer) and a small electric assist motor (hills!) We all had to stand up and sprint to get up over the hill of railroad tracks. -B
  11. And Nowww ........ the animated version ! Note soundtrack, the sound system on the barrr-ge. The young hipster driver did his best to find "old guy's rock" on Pandora........
  12. Grahame -- I thought of you !! They are so you. Debating how small to crumble bacon. In mine, you could taste chunks. About the size of chocolate chips, but chewy texture was odd. I think smaller chunks better.
  13. Whee - crazy good nu Head Case party food ........ "Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes" ! Just made these, very good. Note, they bake fast and do not rise very much. Who needs chocolate rabbits ...... go for chocolate bacon (hah - who says wimmen's magazines are useless) link: http://files.blallkyseibert.com/random/Choco_Bacons.jpg
  14. oh Shelly - ick - piriformis is evil. sorry. Seed Lady has a happy today...... for those who still wonder what was so thrilling at the Petaluma Seed Bank...... I now harvest the Asian Winged Beans. They are great, and now I see why they are not in stores, very short shelf life, they get droopy in 3-4 days. Boiled or Steamed they taste like wonderful green beans, without big seeds in the middle, they are tender. They are large too.
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