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  1. The Headcase Stax thread

    Why the morons chose the 300B as outputs beats me. But I guess DHT’s has always been the craze. Easier to market. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The Headcase Stax thread

    I like the design, driver housing and gimble slider with cup rods similar to the old angled Audeze LCD-2/3 headphones. I bet they are heavy. I know Spritzer is the only here who owns a pair.
  3. SRL300 Limited

    Expensive, no?
  4. The Headcase Stax thread

    I like that you’re using wood for the cup but not a huge fan of the headband used which are reminiscent of the old 60-80’s quadraphonics Japanese and US made headphones. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. The Headcase Stax thread

    First off fuck Jude and head-fi, if you really want a good reception for your electrostats, talk to folks who are very intimate with e-stat gear, Birgir (aka spritzer), Kevin and Wachara, if you pass the test and take on feedback for any constructive criticism (feedback) from them, then I'm sure people will like what they will hear. Before any of this happens, you have to cut the bullshit first followed by facts. Though I have to be honest, the headphones do look kind of cheaply designed and built.
  6. The Return Of The Legend

    This is great news. I mean it's not cheap by any means but it will make ebay and online resellers to drop prices on existing NOS and used 300B stock.
  7. Sennheiser HD 820 closed-back flagship

    I like the earpad's.
  8. The Headcase Stax thread

    Looks like they just copied what Wachara did when he made his Omega and HE90 clones years ago. Smells like they will be a piece of shit and suffer some driver problems as they look very cheap and DIY'ish.
  9. The Headcase Stax thread

    http://www.hifido.co.jp/KW/G/P0/A10/E/0-10/S0/C17-14053-77854-50/ Looks like the prices are sort of dropping on the east compared to what they used to go for. Not a bad buy for somebody who just wants it from a collectors perspective. Hope you guys had a good Christmas break.
  10. K1000 successor Mysphere?

    Considering the original K1000's fetch from anywhere between $1900-3000USD nowadays on popular auction/audio sale sites I'd say it's not that big of a jump if one is selling to one to buy the new successor. It does look like a flimsy piece of shit though.
  11. Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon

    Nah it's not really about hate and the whole censorship with prevention of linking to other headphone related audio sites and prohibited to do so on HF has been around for many many years, if you make links to this site, changstar and sbaf (both sites owned by purrin aka Marv) you'd get a warning. Apart from maybe a small handful of people HF whose opinions, ideas and experiences I respect, everybody on here and sbaf know that the majority of popular posters (esp ones that start hype trains) on HF are clueless fucking morons and that is the way Jude and Co. likes the site's audience to be comprised of. Funny thing is NoNoNoNoNoNo used to trash ortho classifieds because people were selling them at high prices, this was circa. 2012-13 or so. There's probably a good reason why those ortho crew guys are rarely on HF at all.
  12. Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon

    To be fair, the only reason why any of the Cavalli gear was viewed positively back in the day on HF was because there were only a handful of people shilling the fuck out of the CA pre-release LF and LL prototypes and before Jude's production unit reviews. I remember this clearly as it was around the LCD2 rev1/early rev 2 time and how many people got locked out of the related threads for apparently threadcrapping, myself included. NoNoNoNoNoNo, icenine and few others were hyping the fuck out of the original Liquid Fire and the hype went there onwards, muppetface had her own little thread where she and dbel wrote stories about how wonderful the LL and LG was going to be before a full production unit was even released. It wasn't until people started having issues with the original LF and LL mk1 units, Birgirs LL thread here and Macedonian's KGSSHV vs LL review on HF that people started realizing the shit Cavalli was doing, oh and the massive price drops with mk2 releases shortafter rendering the first amp iterations worth fuck all in terms of value. I saw this shit coming with CA being the next to close down after RSA, once the hype dies down, all the shit will be laid out for people to see wtf is really going on with these amps.
  13. Phenomenon Libratum

    Housing reminds me of the Audeze LCD, what material is it made out of?
  14. The Headcase Stax thread

    How much is the amp off taobao?
  15. Stax SRM-T8000

    The T-8000 is $7600 AUD. I can buy a BHSE with this amount.