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  1. Haven't been on here in a long time, hope everyone is well. But found some old rev 0.6 KGSSHV offboard PCB's I ordered here years ago that I'm planning to populate soon, trying to see if I still have some of the parts needed. Found a bag of A1968's from a moon ago.
  2. No but they may continue to mass produce unreliable or quickly outdated garbage. When they announced the HE1k with v2 and so forth, they pissed off alot of people on HF.
  3. Thanks @Anna I know Guillaume and the owner George at A2A, they're good blokes but again its his opinion what he thinks of the Hifiman headphones and I know the top end models don't sell alot. Aside from reliability and QC issues Hifiman headphones exhibit the second biggest issue with there headphone range is the sell and dump scheme they've adopted. None of there headphones hold value because they release revised iterations shortly after a headphone is announced and sold to the general public. Same concept Cavalli Audio had with there amplifiers and it pissed off a lot of early preorder adopters who paid full price. Now Cavalli Audio is no more.
  4. DefQon

    Kaldas Research

    Sounds promising. But the proof in the pudding is the final product when they start flying off the shelves to the customers heads. Anyways I'll be putting down my interest for a unit when they are released. You've nailed quite a few good points about the headphone industry (actually the audio industry in general). Cheers
  5. @spritzer Are the SZ3-1xxx O2's any good? One has popped up locally and thinking of getting it.
  6. Unless you're plugging into a Woo adapter box or unmodified GES or WES.
  7. So a WES is popping up for cheap on my radar, any minor/major modifications to get this thing sounding less H3 distortion and more cleaner with more power? @spritzer @kevin gilmore
  8. Back from a long hiatus, any of you folks listened to the VOCE estat from mrspeakers? Calling in Kevin, Birgir 1.2...3..
  9. Generally they are interchangeable but consult with Kevin to confirm.
  10. How would you know wiktor doesn’t have enough money to win such auctions? He’s been flipping many HE90/HEV90’s, Stax Omega/T2’s and other stuff for a very very long time even before he was a registered user on headfi. He is the only person I know who has owned more than 6 sets of HE90 and HEV90’s and many pairs of Stax Omegas etc. The collectors from Asia have nothing on him in comparison is what I’d say.
  11. Not for both an Omega and T2. Sorry typo SRM T2, not T1.
  12. An SR Omega, Stax SRM T2 both boxed listed for 8000usd on a Japanese audio sold for that amount back in Feb.
  13. Very sad to see IP theft going on here and one which does not even make reference to KG as the original source. I think its time to make these threads, pictures and content registered user viewable only and only for those that have 100 + posts.
  14. Why the morons chose the 300B as outputs beats me. But I guess DHT’s has always been the craze. Easier to market. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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