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  1. Great job! Looks like an amazing and successful weekend.
  2. Thanks everyone! A day off from work with my girls. Squeezed in a quick mountain bike ride. Tough to beat.
  3. I like it, but it’s definitely not my favorite of her albums. I think On Leaving is my favorite, and Blackened Air probably is what probably hooked me oringinally. And her album with Jim White is also quite good as well.
  4. New Murder By Death out today... Spell/Bound. Already on my second listen.
  5. I'll be honest, I hadn't seen anything. But after you posted I went and looked... Heartbreaking. If anyone's interested, this was a very good article/interview.
  6. New Nina Nastasia today... First release since 2010!
  7. Forcing myself to take a break from Preacher's Daughter... Which I may or may not have listened to an unhealthy amount over the last month. MØL - Jord
  8. Streaming audio from the iPhone and MacBook both seem to work quite well. I went back and read some product literature on the Belkin and I guess it has a microphone to calibrate the audio and prevent any synch issues. I did have an issue with an app on the phone where it would send audio and video to the AirPlay device, and the screen would just say that the video is being played via AirPlay. But that seems to be a developer issue as everything else worked flawlessly. Let me know if there's anything specific you want me to check. Hulu, Apple TV+, and Netflix all worked fine.
  9. I can't say that I have, but I'll try it with video on the laptop when I get home. I was always frustrated with latency issues when trying to control audio with original AirPlay... It always seemed to lag behind the touch input. But I have none of those issues with audio streaming, and I was very pleased with the sync running the AppleTV audio to the HomePod Minis. So they may have figured it out.
  10. I know most of the talk in the thread was implementing Roon, but since the thread has already been brought back, here's a basic option for future reference... For a simple AirPlay 2 streaming solution I use the Belkin Soundform Connect. I run the optical digital out to my DACs and am good to go. It's super convenient, especially in my home setup since I can stream from the iPhone, MacBook or when Lauren hides from the kids in my office, she can use her phone as well. I run one at the office, too. My only issue is an AirPlay issue more than Belkin's implementation... If I pause it for too long when using the phone, or multitask when paused, it reverts back to playing on the phone. I think it needs a longer time-out window. With the MacBook, it maintains that as my preferred audio output without issue.
  11. I had a pair of HomePods, and I’ve hated the Kindle Fire TV interface, so I like picked up a 4k AppleTV, a mount for it, some HomePod brackets and some aluminum angle and miscellaneous hardware. Made a few cuts, drilled a few holes and mounted everything to the TV wall mount. Then I paired the HomePods with the AppleTV and I have a much-improved setup on the cheap.
  12. Yes, but not as well as NOS. Not tank required.
  13. Since I can't afford a 392 Wrangler, and really don't care for the stock Rubicon shocks, I did the next best thing... Swapped in a set of like-new take-off Jeep 392 Fox shocks. Soooooooo much better. The stock shocks were way too soft, and Jeep would rock so much when shifting, and brake dive was horrible. These are firmer and took care of those things without making the ride harsh at all. I also finally got my 1901 Maine state flag fender vent decals on. I mean, it's still not a V8 Wrangler, but stickers add more HP anyway, so I figure I must be ahead.
  14. Thanks Nate. I thought you had gotten rid of your tester... I'd definitely like to know if they're salvageable!
  15. Well, Nutella cost us $1,300 and counting today. Against our better judgement, we left some party decorations up for Piper’s birthday week. Found some chewed pieces of plastic streamers on the ground yesterday morning, and she didn’t finish her breakfast so I feared the worst. After multiple rounds of vomiting, including parts of streamers, she spent much of the day at the emergency vet. Long-story-short, looks like she’s going to be OK without surgery. I’ve admittedly been a bit of a mess… It was not a fun night, or enhaoyable day waiting to hear. And everyone was determined to welcome her home.
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