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  1. Finished Severance over the weekend. Really enjoyed the mind-fuck of it all. I didn't do a lot of theorizing, so a lot of the reveals in the final episodes hit plenty hard, even if there were some bread crumbs leading up. Finished Slow Horses last night. Really enjoyed that too. I forgot how much I like the British 6-episode season. The story flew by, and never felt bloated like some of the "we have to get to 10" Netflix series can. And Gary Oldman is amazing. Looking forward to second seasons of both. Need to get back on The Great.
  2. Piper started calling her Jelly Bean and it seems to have stuck. Integration is going pretty well. Nutella seems wary of another female, but Marshmallow seems to have accepted her quickly. They play together a lot and Lauren sent me this earlier today. I’m happy to call that a win. And even though she’s still getting settled, there clearly isn’t too much drama. from yesterday…
  3. Voidfloof is amazing!
  4. Well, we decided to add kitty #3. Penelope never really got over losing Koshka a few years back, and while she loves our cats, they didn’t really bond with her. She’s a couple of years older and a little more cat-savvy now, so we thought it’s the right time. 8 month old just up from GA. P and the new addition (name TBD): And the requisite shot of the meezers: Yes, they’re this cute all the time So far Nutella and Marshmallow are intrigued by whatever is behind the door, but they don’t seem too put off. We’ll be patient with introductions to avoid rocking the boat too much. Edit: She’s a doll.
  5. Got one of the cab corner repair panels welded into my father’s ’62 Willys project. As the saying goes, “a grinder and paint makes me the welder I ain’t.” Lower cowl panel in front of the door will be next, then the rocker, and finally lower door repairs. Then lather, rinse and repeat on the other side.
  6. She has quite the varied discography, and unsurprisingly, I love it all. The iTunes Essential playlist for her gets a lot of plays. The transition she made from mysterious black metal performer to folk is pretty amazing.
  7. I know the Ember was a game changer for my wife. With the kids running around, she was dealing with cold coffee multiple times a day, every day. I bought her the original 10 oz for her birthday a few years back, and when the 14 oz was released, I upgraded her that Christmas. 136 degree Americanos make Lauren a happy woman.
  8. I'm receiving a lot of conflicting recommendations on what to do with my walls when I search the intrawebs, and figured I'd ask here. So, I whitewashed the pine paneling in my new office. I used a 1:1 of water and flat latex paint, applied with a brush and wiped down after 10-12 minutes. I'm really happy with the finish. Now, some folks say you have to seal whitewashed paneling because the watered down paint doesn't provide the same protection, while others only recommend it for whitewashed shelving and furniture that will see more wear and tear. Any experience/recommendations/thoughts/opinions? I'm only going to spot-sand the floor and just seal in the worn patina. The desk is going to be walnut butcherblock. Trim is going to be painted white. I'm OK with the extra effort if it's needed, but it's a lot of work to seal the walls/ceiling if it's not necessary.
  9. Just thankful to have been keeping up with this thread. I had been getting complacent with my Breville, and had been making some admittedly mediocre espresso. As with all the other shortages out there, I had to make a change in beans. This thread inspired me to revisit grind and dose size and tamping pressure, and really got it dialed in this morning. By far the best espresso I’ve made in a long time.
  10. Those songs, as well as Diana, were added to the Apple Music Chelsea Wolfe Essentials Playlist. I highly recommend it as it includes a number of her collaborations as well... Stuff I would've have easily found otherwise, including Russian Circles, King Dude, Myrkur and Saudade (and of course, Anhedonia with Emma Ruth Rundle). I love listening to her album-by-album, but this playlist is fantastic if you use Apple Music. https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/chelsea-wolfe-essentials/pl.b4ec95a5673a47e99d3ceff1979778f0 I tend to listen to Aventine more... I need to go back and listen to this again.
  11. Those came out great, Nate. Well done.
  12. Nothing as fine as the other stuff I’m seeing here, but I finished the shiplap pine in my new office. Once I finish screwing it off and filling the holes, it’ll get a pickled white finish. Then, once I trim everything out, I’ll build a desk out of walnut butcher block. It’ll end up with my Quads, my home headphone rig and a 43” 4k TV I picked up on a Black Friday, plus my home office setup. I’m pretty excited to have the space.
  13. Listening to a playlist I put together of my favorite album closing tracks. I've found myself really drawn to a lot of these songs lately and I don't know what it is, but artists really have a knack for closing out albums with some amazing songs. https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/closing-tracks/pl.u-qAqMtzX4e5 This playlist on shuffle rarely disappoints.
  14. It’s fantastic. Really exited to listen to it more.
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