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  1. Didn't you read the JH marketing quote above? The sound is: warm neutral analog All at the same time! 🥴
  2. Do the models above the JH13/16 in the price hierarchy have sonic benefits as opposed to specialist tunings? (eg the Angie appears to be marketed as being specifically for vocalists: "outperforms any other vocalist-specific IEM on the market") The advertising copy on the JH website doesn't give much confidence: "takes you out of the world of digital and transports you back into the raw sound of the 1960s" jesus christ...
  3. mine are pre-freqphase though
  4. Okay, I guess. I went back to my Etymotics a while back. After the JH's initial thrill of power, the coherence of the single driver won out for me
  5. As a matter of curiosity, what's the rough range of power draw (W) in electrostat amps? I assume the heavy hitters like KGSS Carbon and BHSE use significantly more power?
  6. If she's already happy with the Mac interface, she's probably best sticking with it. 13" Macbook Pro is $1800. If that's too steep, a second hand model (eg the 13" Macbook Pro without the TouchBar) is the best bang for buck. Hackintoshes are great if you want better raw performance and enjoy the process of managing kernel dependencies etc but not recommended for laypersons.
  7. Long-timers, do you still think Stax has the special edge over planars etc in terms of clarity and 'resolution'? I'm looking at making the final upgrade but BHSE/009 is a hell of a jump
  8. Waiting with bated breath for the DSHA-1 / Peak comparison - mostly because I've long wanted a DSHA-1 and recently enjoyed the P1u a lot (blessingx earlier said the Peak had the edge on it).
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