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  1. Hi~ I just finished the GR regulator for my SONY PCM D50. This regulator is from my friend who is the original designer of GR regulator. The schematic of GR regulator is not new at all; however, the parts of the GR regulator is very very crucial. So, check it out and find some awesome points of this new version of GR regulator.
  2. Hi guys, Guess what? I've solved the humming problem! hu....Finally. I asked the transformer supplier, and he said the transformer unlikely the source of problem. He suggested me try to ground the heater line. After doing some research on the google, I choose this solution, but mod little due to I don't have the pot now. This is my solution as the below picture showed. Great, No more hum in the low resistance on-ear headphone. And More, NO rebuild and major modification again. Thanks God! And, Thanks you all guys and your suggestions. Sincerely, Peleus, Taipei, Taiwan
  3. Thanks, it is old and used machine, but still very, very, useful and reliable one. Old tubes humming...umh...I think that I may buy some tubes to try. Luckily, the tube is cheap and easily found in Taiwan. Well...It may help to confirm the source of humming, but I really need a One-Chassis headphone amp. Yes, the shield is grounded. And, Thanks your earthed chassis advice. Yup, You are right. I really be disappointed about the result. You teach me a good advice that figuring out the problem first. Thank you!
  4. Hi, After 3 hrs hard work, I rewired the ground loop. Will, it is still not work!!!! I found this amp is good for the on-ear headphone, although the Huge hum. For the over-ear phone with high resistance, the power is not enough, but no Hum at all. I...give up, and plan to tear down the tubes part, and to re-layout, from lay-down form to stand-up form. And, don't forget to earth the chassis. What a mess!
  5. Hi, guys, Thanks for all your advises and suggestions. Our global audio diy community is always warm and encouraged. Maybe I provide too little pictures of the amp to give you clear picture of the amp. It's not virtual grounding, It is designed as single-end amp. And, I made a star grounding in the up-left corner of the above picture. It's may not clearly to look the grounding due to I used the black wire as grounding line. After a day working, The Neutrik phone socket may have contacting problem, the sound of one channel is unstable. The layout of grounding wiring will be changed. Two boxes? It is not may original making idea. I need a small headphone amp, not a huge and expensive one. Now, it is Chinese New Year in Taiwan. So, I don't have time to work on this amp. The more pictures may help your guys to understand, here it is...
  6. It's done ! It's low B+ voltage version Aikido Hybrid headphone amp designed by John Broskie. However, I replaced the tube, 6GM8, with 12FM6, due to the price of the former is so high to me. Now, I still fight for terrible hum issue !
  7. Sorenb, Thank you very much! I've got the boards just a minute ago. And, It is quite awesome to me that my name is printed on the the envelope in exactly correct Chinese! Awesome! How did you do that? I didn't tell you my Chinese name in English, not even in Chinese! Cool, man!
  8. Thanks, sorenb. So, may I pay now? How much is the shipment fee? I live in Taiwan, and what shipment you will use? UPS? DHL? or something else?
  9. Thanks sorenb, I need four Carbon PCB. May I pay by PayPal?
  10. Hi~ Joe, I recommend this one, Mundorff supreme 0.33uF/1000V. You can buy it from local web store, Tube Fan Studio. And the most important, Its price is not too high to buy four of them in once. And more...the quality of sound is very good!
  11. Thanks, JimL! I get your point and be appreciated your work of SRX+.
  12. You mean the tail screw is easy to loose, right? Put some solder on it can fix the problem, only do that after you screw up tightly!
  13. I recommend this ebay item. this teflon socket is very very... yes! very... tight! http://www.ebay.com/itm/280935223236?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&rmvSB=true
  14. Hi~ JimL & guys, I've got question, maybe some fool one. Why don't use CCS replaced the 250K resistor near the second 12AT7?
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