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  1. Sounds like a very crappy purchase
  2. How do the phones sound?
  3. Happy thanksgiving to all! Beautiful day in Southern California today, with light rain after the fires.
  4. I got mine this week also. Very grateful for the effort and time you have committed on doing this.
  5. thats only the price of two 009's.
  6. Great! thanks for the update. Waiting for the boards to start my Carbon.
  7. Oops. It is there: SX9-1025. I am used to see the serial number where the "SAMPLE" tag is though. Strange.
  8. My 009S doesn't have a serial number. It says SAMPLE instead. Any idea of why? Bought it new from Justin.
  9. just to clarify, you haven't yet shipped to those of us who also bought TKD pots. is this correct?
  10. the Beats X are great and convenient for commuting. A while back they were like 70.00 at Best Buy.
  11. I also would like a GG and psu if any left overs. Thanks
  12. Didn't notice it as much with the 009. That means I can not read while listening to the 009S
  13. Darn. I just noticed sound changes when I wear my glasses.
  14. Got the 009S yesterday. Thanks Justin!
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