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  1. Just modded my 007 Mk2.9. A video of a Stax guy changing pads that Birgir posted years ago helped. As well as the instructions he published. Thanks.
  2. Gulag Cafe Putin Grounds Drink it. Don't complaint.
  3. I have been commuting to work on this since March of last year. I don’t have to worry about gas.
  4. Wow....You guys must be so much better than the rest of us. Utter BS.
  5. Man. A country that allows so much cheating and deception is nothing but crap.
  6. my 009 broke in the same place I purchased the 90.00 replacement kit. And thank you for the pics. They are amazing. Hopefully can be fixed.
  7. Like usual, Headfi FOTM impressions are horrible. I am curious to hear impressions of people I can trust regarding the sound of the new Staxes. Birgir, for example? It'll be a while before I can listen myself unfortunately.
  8. I am so glad the site is back! I have been checking every day and tonight to my surprise it came right up when I clicked! Thank you for the hard work!
  9. This is a Blue Hawaii at Sisters Thai in Alexandria.
  10. I couldn't afford expensive gear when I was young and my ears were good.
  11. Sounds like a very crappy purchase
  12. How do the phones sound?
  13. Happy thanksgiving to all! Beautiful day in Southern California today, with light rain after the fires.
  14. I got mine this week also. Very grateful for the effort and time you have committed on doing this.
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