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  1. I just need a little iodine to my wound and a new "ESI Chunky" grip
  2. My left arm... I was donwhill and I touched a tree. I was lucky because I did not fall but...
  3. First 33 kms with my new Shimanos PD-M324
  4. Nice... I have replaced the brakes discs Tektro by a Shimano XT system...
  5. I would like present my new Focus MTB...
  6. http://www.ebay.es/itm/Permium-Class-A-DC-headphone-amplifier-DIY-KIT-base-on-KRELL-ksa5-for-HIFI-/251547039854?pt=US_Amplifier_Parts_Components&hash=item3a915f386e
  7. Thanks guys. I use Modu chassis. I don't have special tools, so my amps are very simple design. On this case I used a "Pesante 2U", but I added an extra side panel (of the same model) in the middle.
  8. Thanks Dr. Gilmore. I'm studying the attenuator
  9. the "Spanish team" is interested Thanks Birgir
  10. Hi Remolon. Thanks for your offer. In this moment I´m waiting for a good box for my Krell. When I finish it, I will send you a MP. It's different EMO. You're speaking about of a highly evolved Dynalo (your current development) and the Krell is disadvantaged. Under the same conditions, SE input/output, single PSU, etc.. Does dynalo is superior? My advice is If you can get one, don´t hesitate.
  11. Good question. I only wanted clone the original... I didn't think on a balanced version
  12. A simulation is just this.. a simulation. I don´t discuss that a "full Dynalo" exceeds to Krell but you should listen this amp.
  13. Thanks Dr. Gilmore. It´s only on a channel and I can hear it if I use a headphone sensitive. I get lucky because I bought some THAT340 (around 20 units). I've been changing one by one until I found one that does not make noise but I discarded 10 for this reason I believed that the THAT340 had a better quality
  14. Hello I can hear a little "ufffffff" without music on a channel (Balanced and SE output). I read that normally this type of noise is associated with the input transistors. In this case, Is it possible to be produced by the THAT340? Regards
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