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  1. CFAe runs hot, VERY hot. I would prefer a "normal" heatsink...
  2. Thanks. Although the GRLV is very clean and stable, for preamps I prefer to use R-cores and easier to place in a single chassis since they do not electromagnetically interfere (or very little) with anything. It´s optional so you can perfectly use a toroid Now that I've seen the preview, it's been a little over a year since Dr. Gilmore sent me a design for a new buffer based on the CFA architecture. At the moment I have not been able to put it into operation. If confinement and anti-virus measures allow it this year I could have it ready.
  3. Yes, this seller sells genuine sand. Highly recommended
  4. yes... but is U2. You can see the three modules here
  5. jose

    Amplifier porn

    One of my wet dreams... Threshold 400s and SL10
  6. I don't want to be rude or impertinent but please, use your browser and spend some time looking for the information. MODU
  7. Yesterday I received a Proxxon 28566 base for mini tool (I normally use a dremel 4000 and a Bosch GRO12v-35) ). I thought it was better than the Dremel base, in fact Proxxon uses better materials and has a reputation for making high quality mini tools, but I was disappointed. Although the materials are much better than the Dremel (It´s made of aluminum and steel and Dremel use plastic), the guides are "crooked", so that when lowering and raising the tool, it is locked in any position. I have tried unscrewing the guides, but have not gotten a proper tool movement. I'm going to see how to m
  8. I usually use Modu boxes. They are expensive (I live outside the continent) but they do the job. That heatsink is overkill for a single CFA. Even for 2 CFA's they are still a bit oversized (BIAS 190mA). 24vDC power supply. Use OPA445.
  9. Besides, there are also companies that close or go bankrupt... I have several grains of sand from Semisouth designed for use in solar panels/conversors AC/DC (and later on amplifiers obviously 😉) that today cost a small fortune.
  10. Add to the list all the sand related to high voltaje. Who said that silicon was expensive?
  11. There you can use anything that has a minimum value of 100V @ 2A
  12. Something about some guys from Liverpool... do you know them?
  13. BH Mini PSU Resistor Mouser P/N 100R 2 660-MF1/2CCT52R1000F / 273-100-RC 1.2K 2 660-MF1/2CC1211F / 273-1.2K-RC 330K 2 594-5093NW330K0J 3W
  14. jose

    Get your game on!

    It had been a long time since I played with another of my favorite flight simulators. IL 2 Sturmovik It's a shame it doesn't have a clickable cockpit like DCS World. I spend hours flying the "Flying Circus" on the Fokker DR I with t he von Richthofen's red skin.
  15. If you find a design, we'll talk and I'll do it for you . 😉
  16. jose

    RIP Sennheiser?

    I really like using the HD800 with the Dynalo Bal ... I think it's a good combination
  17. jose

    RIP Sennheiser?

    We are talking about a business case about 3M$ (20% for Drop 80% for Senn maybe ¿?). I understand that Senn is interested in this type of request and I guess Drop's are clear that if Senn dies, they'll lose a lot of money. Look this; "...We’ll make more available if the capacity increases, but this launch is the only guaranteed HD 8XX availability until 2022."
  18. Happy Birthday Steve!
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