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  1. One of my divas from the 80s: Sandra "The Long Play" ...me hago viejo
  2. From scratch, with pieces from here and there. I used a handbrake for racing car simulators, an accelerator for electric bike, spings, shock, switches.... The most interesting thing has been working with Arduino and the Hall effect sensors. I had never worked with them and it has been quite interesting. Thinking about this, I have to get stronger magnets since I have some noise in the signal from one of them and although it is hardly noticeable on windows, I want to reduce it to the minimum.
  3. My first prototype of collective control for helicopters is working. I need to do something with "L-shaped stringers" (I don´t know if it´s the name of this thing) and the wheel that controls the hardness of the knob (I need a 3D print). On the other hand, I have managed to do the assistance (spring and shock absorber) travel very smoothly and Arduino works correctly with all functions that I have added, even with the accelerator (taken from an electric bike). In DCS it's going really well. With the Huey, the MI24, the Gazelle ... for just a few bucks and a few hours of work it is a joy to be able to control these helicopters as a "real" pilot would. Don't be bad 😁
  4. Lately I am rediscovering my CD collection of Massive Attack (and various artists related to them like Tricky, etc...)
  5. Martina Topley-Bird, Quixotic
  6. Always awesome Pat ... but also great Lyle Mays. We miss you
  7. Felicidades Antonio... casi no llego. Que tengas un gran día!!!!!
  8. And now, Steven Wilson "to the bone" He has a nice song with Ninet Tayeb (Pariah)
  9. Tricky "maxinquaye" I like these deluxe editions
  10. jose

    Speaker Porn

    I'm missing this ... and 911 😁
  11. lovely voices.... Edit: Probably my favorite Bee Gees song is "Nights On Broadway"
  12. jose

    Speaker Porn

    When I see that equipment in exhibitions I think "small room and giant speakers ... bad thing." My Marshall SilverJubilee head and cabinets look like a toy next to those speakers.
  13. Visage in vinyl.... back to 1980
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