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  1. True Loves Sunday Afternoon, for a few bucks you can get the whole discography (digital). Music | The True Loves (bandcamp.com)
  2. About Mahler. I recommend this. Honestly, Mahler is not my favorite composer and I don´t like Rattle's style, but in this symphony... (although it´s not completely composed by Mahler), some times I feel the fear of death that torment to the composer. He knew he was dying. Honestly, the first time I listened to it, I got scared... Edit: It sounds a bit stupid, but I wouldn't know how to define the strange feeling it caused me.
  3. Yes, except for the new look, I don't see anything revolutionary with Win11. In any case, a loss of performance until the patches have been arriving over the months. These are precisely things that I have improved until I was forced to migrate to the 30 series in April due to HP Reverb. Thanks to the collapse of mining, I pay a price close to the recommended. About the new GPUs generation (I use Nvidia but I´m not a fanboy) I am quite skeptical. Nvidia has a "questionable" way of doing business (not mention mining, and how prices have been artificially inflated). My perception is that prices will not drop to pre-pandemic levels (CPUs, GPUs or SSD). The industry has seen that they can increase prices and continue to sell (including AMD) So the only alternative when the time comes will be OM computers.
  4. My love she's like some raven At my window with a broken wing...
  5. Trance Frendz by Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm It soungs amazing on vinyl!!!!!!
  6. Thanks James. I think you are very close to my point. From the beginning I have ruled out AMD. I know several people who have had tons of compatibility issues e.g with HP Reverbs and honestly I'm not going to change my VR headset (I have the G1 and I'm very satisfied with them) My intention is to stay with Intel and I'm runing Win 11 with my current system I haven't had any major problems at the moment. The only thing I've seen positive about this new board is that it supports PCIe 4.0 vs PCIe 3.0. but in the "macroscopic world/real live" the difference using one of my M.2 nvme was... 0 (we don´t use Benchmarks, only a few programs), so I don't see the purchase as justified either. €900 processor + motherboard (Z690 DDR4) seemed quite expensive to me. If I want to move at DDR5, I need to buy 64Gb which would increase the cost significantly
  7. Stupid question guys: Yesterday a friend on a flash sale bought a new PC based on I9 12900K with a 3080 graphics card. Ok, his old PC is a 7700K/1070 so just for the graphics card it's worth the change We tested it (mode stock, non overclock) and I have the feeling that, except for getting a better score in Benchmarks, for "normal" use (web, mails, youtube, some games...) there really wasn't much difference compared to my 9900K/3080: yes, yes, my 9900K takes a second longer to load some applications, it gets a few FPS less in some games... single core tasks it does seem somewhat superior (such as DCS in VR) but in general, I did not notice a "radical" change. Something similar happened to me when changing from I7 8700K to I9 9900K... The seller has recommended that I change the motherboard and processor now (When I told the guy that I still had a 9900K his look was shocked) but I am not entirely convinced. what do you think?
  8. Felicidades Antonio!!!!!! Casi se me pasa 🙂
  9. Wang Chung; points on the curves
  10. Andy Summers. Retrospective. I remember seeing him live about 15 years ago (Antonio was beginning to pervert me at that time 😁). He didn't leave me very impressed... and he didn't play a single song by The Police.
  11. I'm in a pet shop boys concert
  12. Warning: possible boring content 😉 Revolver is without a doubt my favorite Beatles album for as long as I can remember. My mom bought me this vinyl when I was barely 12 years old and for many years I have been buying reissues, remasters, rare copies... Forget all songs and go to "Tomorrow never Knows", turn up the volume on your Blue Hawaii and accommodate your 007... Ringo's drums sound brutal!!!!! Phil Collins also has a very good version on his Face Value album from 1981.
  13. Julian Lennon "Valotte" While I was listeing this my wife send me this nice video.
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