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  1. Happy Birthday TMoney!

    Happy Birthday !!!
  2. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    In your case, I would feel more comfortable using the amp at the minimum and without letting the valves get too hot.
  3. The Headcase Stax thread

    Thanks Birgir, for ruling out a little Is there any way to eliminate that static? In principle I don´t notice any kind of distortion or noise once I equal the balance from my DAC between both channels. There is a difference of about 22dB
  4. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    Other BH working !! I think that 5,5Vac is low. 6Vac can be right. You can try with three 1R in parallel (about 0.33R)
  5. The Headcase Stax thread

    Guys, I need advice. Yesterday I got a SR507, physically they are in very good condition, they have a box and the correct documentation although they are used. When I connected them, the right channel is almost not heard. I have read that it is a recurring problem in some models but I don´t know if it has a solution or why it should be. What I can do? Do I return them to the seller? I'm a bit frustrated
  6. The Headcase Stax thread

    I´m very happy with my SR202. I think that they are equilibrate than my SR307.
  7. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    I used aluminum oxide pad for all. I don´t know if it´s necessary but I feel more secure.
  8. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    I run my BH at 20mA and it run HOT, very HOT, so uses a nice heatsink
  9. SRX-Plus Build Thread

    I have always thought that the SRX-P "marries" especially well with my Lambda Pro and I like to use this combination with soft or relaxed music, voices, etc... I think they make a perfect combination.
  10. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    yes... for this reason I buy them in multiples of 100
  11. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    I found the answer to my question on GG thread because I had 1/2w resistor and then I changed to 2w for this: If you use my BOM, that would be 10k/.5w as you used. A experienced builder told me grid resistors were super hot because it was connected to the internal structure of tube. I later changed to 470R/3w, just because I have them in stock. KG said the value doesn't really matter. T2 used 20k. BH used 470R. Now, what else? if 1/4w is fine...
  12. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    I have not checked the temperature of this resistance, but in the BH and the GG I used that reference without problems. *When I was referring to using a higher value, I meant a value greater than 470R.
  13. Blue Hawaii BJT Build thread

    Use 71-CCF02470RJKE36 but really if you want, you can use a superior value. For two channels (2 pcb´s) you need 4 trimp.
  14. Balanced to unbalanced board

    If nothing says otherwise, I will try to match as closed as possible P to P and N to N.
  15. Balanced to unbalanced board

    Thanks Pars. On our boards we haven´t any reference. I guess that we can use the OP27 on the buffer too.