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  1. Thank you very much everyone. Maybe I shouldn't have posted that here but frankly I'm very upset. This photo is from last year doing two laps around the island: it's how I want to remember him.
  2. I had to say goodbye to a good friend before he was completely sedated. In a few days he will rest in peace. Fucking cancer. Good bye Sargent. Always on the wheel !!!!
  3. Yes, there is something wrong. I have used the calibration tool of the application itself (accelerate up to 30kms / h and then stop), but it remains the same. It is ridiculous to cycle 5 kms
  4. It is the album that I like the most by Tonbruket. I admit that I don't like Dan Berglund's solo work as much as Magnus Ostrom's
  5. I don't know. I'm going to try to modify it. I have tried to vary the "Sloper Modifier" and yes, the hardness varies a bit but it is not the setting I am looking for. Yesterday I was climbing a slope at 9% with 300W I was climbing at 9 km / h. I accelerated and with 350w it kept climbing at 9kms / h ... all very strange. I think the app is set to focus on power work. My teammates do not have such a modern tacx so they are not very clear about how this works either.
  6. Yes, 75kgs... but I have some dudes with FTP. 202 W is selected by default. ¿?
  7. Today I finally received all the spare parts. Di2 R8050 Deviator Di2 cable Derailleur hanger Dura Ace bottom bracket Dura Ace Chain I'm going to finish riding it all this weekend at Stevens and next week I'll pick up my Biachi. Lately I'm just strength training with the Tacx. It's funny because to go flat road (at 0%) at about 20 km/h I need to develop about 220W... this is not very normal. In real life with that power I'm riding over 40kms / h
  8. Yes, not celeste and it´s not my first choise but I was lucky to get a size 52 used. This is not a very common frame here and it´s very expesive. However, I am still negotiating the price with the store. The economic crisis due to Covid in Spain is beginning to hit very hard.
  9. Bianchi Oltre XR4: I have broken my piggy bank...
  10. I´m a gentleman !!!!!! ... after, of course Good input Brent. My intention is to change everything (including the new components) from the Stevens to Bianchi. I can't afford a complete Bianchi as I want (Ultegra / Dura Ace DI2, DT Swiss, etc.) Later, when my wallet recovers, I´ll buy an inexpensive groupset (like Sora or 105) and use the Stevens for my Tacx Flux. By the way, now I just repaired the carbon on the damaged pod. At the end of the trip, maybe I will spend a little more but at this moment for me it is more comfortable.
  11. Well don't touch the asphalt... just skid with the rear wheel locked for 60m at 50km/h. I have already ordered the spare parts but I have fallen in love with a nice Bianchi frame. Now I just have to convince my wife ... and my bank account 🙂
  12. I have a new friend 😉
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