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  1. Good combination: Megatron and SR-L700 Vinyl...
  2. jose

    Speaker Porn

    avantgarde acoustic zero 1
  3. jose

    Speaker Porn

    klipsch La Scala Awesome system with two Western Electric 16A Horn
  4. Have you checked the ground?
  5. jose

    Speaker Porn

    Western Electric 16A Horn
  6. The SRX-P's design is great for its simplicity. (In my experience with this amp) Most of the problems are caused by the tubes. We shouldn't be as reluctant to something as simple as tubes replacement. It is a simple and inexpensive test (a set of current production tubes is cheap)
  7. We have been confined at home for 9 days and it seems that we will be at least another two weeks ... The positive is that I am listening to more music than ever. Mammal Hands
  8. Alex loves this ... he likes to listen to it before going to sleep.
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