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  1. jose

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Chopin - Lang Lang
  2. jose

    transconductance amp

    Please guys, could you explain this to me? I understand that 2.27volt. goes through 50r. Why replace it with the impedance of the headset? Gain selector is quite a hit. I'm enjoying it enough!!! F2J and the KG Transconductance Amp have a very similar behavior; they shine with impedances between 30r to 75r from there they lose a lot.
  3. I´m afraid that eBay is the only place where you can buy some (bad thing ) although maybe Steve or Soren have one. At the time, I was looking for a set to have a spare but I did ´t find any. Michael, If I had to do a new Dynahi, I would choose the "off board" versión.
  4. I think the latest "on board" version is the one I have. 1.4. I don´t have other PCB set available (I only bought a set ). Make sure you have enough MPSW06 and 56. They are no longer available.
  5. jose

    transconductance amp

    You have to thank Dr. Gilmore and everyone who has worked on it.
  6. jose

    transconductance amp

    Find "currentsource" here I´m working on a F2J. It will be very interesting. I had not had any experience with this type of amplifier until now. I don´t think that it´s a "definitive amplifier" (I'm in love with the balanced Dynahi) but as an alternative it's not bad for the planars.
  7. jose

    Happy Birthday Jeffy!

    Happy birthday!
  8. jose

    HC Bike/Cycling Thread

    A friend recorded these videos in a smooth out on Saturday Who I'm? 😉
  9. jose

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Alex and me working in our X5
  10. jose

    Kaldas Research

    I think that we are all in the same position.
  11. jose

    Burson Audio V5i opamps

    I´m not sure why but for a moment Birgir remid me at Bob Widlar...
  12. jose

    current feedback electrostatic amp

    Cool! another CFA singing.
  13. jose

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    After her first album, I saw some live shows where her voice did not measure up. Since then I recognize that he has not interested me again. Beautiful? ummm I prefer Raquel Welch or Monica Bellucci...