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  1. It almost sounds ridiculous nowadays but in my neighborhood, these guys and Michael Jackson were the "hottest"
  2. Black Label Society "grimmest hits" I admit I'm a big fan of the Zakk sound... I quite like that heavy Les Paul/EMG sound.
  3. Bob Dylan Hard Rain "...Suddenly I turned around and she was standin' there With silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair She walked up to me so gracefully and took my crown of thorns Come in, she said I'll give ya shelter from the storm"
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. O.S Avalon. Kenji Kawai with Warsaw Philharmonic The National Orchestra, Choir of Warsaw Philharmonic The National Orchestra and Elżbieta Towarnicka The film is very interesting, in a dystopian world where people play a war/survival game called Avalon in VR. Terrifyingly similar to what our world could be (Metaverse...). The soundtrack is frankly good, especially the choral parts are quite striking and put in trouble the ability of an equipment to put the voices in their places quickly enough.
  6. In a few weeks I'll have a new pedals: A Favero Assioma Duo. It's my first pedals with watt measure. A friend of mine has ones and he is very satisfied with this thing...The price here in EU is "correct" if you compare this with the Garmin for example (450€ vs 1000€). I'm not sure why this technology is so expensive. Curiosity my friend spend 450€ in this pedals around 4 years a ago. I hope that this thing will be than hard like my old Look Keos 2 with 12 years of abusses. Someone have experience with this pedals?
  7. I just post it in other thread but I think that it´s a very cool. Many hours for make this thing,,,
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