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  1. Nice day and my best time in the crono. 2 th of my group but at 5 minutes of Joseba Beloki. A nice guy, great cycling,. climb with he has been a honor. I'm finding a transport for the Brent bike :-)
  2. We travel to La Gomera. As it were, it was my illusion. Tomorrow We still have to take two ferries and 175 kilometers by car to get there.
  3. Martha Argerich & Mischa Maisky LIVE aus der Synagoge Görlitz 13.10.2020.... beautiful
  4. There is little left for my next adventure:
  5. I'm trying to "control" a Samyang 800mm F8 + X2 teleconverter. This thing is a nightmare. I thought it would be easier to get better results but for the moment this is what I am getting. If you have a recommendation, as always it is welcome. Something different: A traveler passing through from Africa
  6. Happy Birthday !!!
  7. Is a bit late but my condolences Shelly 😞
  8. Cool. For a moment i thought it was a Hasselblad.
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