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  1. One of my divas from the 80s: Sandra "The Long Play" ...me hago viejo
  2. From scratch, with pieces from here and there. I used a handbrake for racing car simulators, an accelerator for electric bike, spings, shock, switches.... The most interesting thing has been working with Arduino and the Hall effect sensors. I had never worked with them and it has been quite interesting. Thinking about this, I have to get stronger magnets since I have some noise in the signal from one of them and although it is hardly noticeable on windows, I want to reduce it to the minimum.
  3. My first prototype of collective control for helicopters is working. I need to do something with "L-shaped stringers" (I don´t know if it´s the name of this thing) and the wheel that controls the hardness of the knob (I need a 3D print). On the other hand, I have managed to do the assistance (spring and shock absorber) travel very smoothly and Arduino works correctly with all functions that I have added, even with the accelerator (taken from an electric bike). In DCS it's going really well. With the Huey, the MI24, the Gazelle ... for just a few bucks and a few hours of work it is a joy to be able to control these helicopters as a "real" pilot would. Don't be bad 😁
  4. Lately I am rediscovering my CD collection of Massive Attack (and various artists related to them like Tricky, etc...)
  5. Martina Topley-Bird, Quixotic
  6. Always awesome Pat ... but also great Lyle Mays. We miss you
  7. Felicidades Antonio... casi no llego. Que tengas un gran día!!!!!
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