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  1. jose

    Get your game on!

    Good opportunity if you have never tried it ...
  2. Back to 1993 I'm not a big fan of this kind of music, but my stepbrother made me like this album when we were still in high school.
  3. Yes, I suppose it could work. I'm doing something like These. The guys that I fly, have found this and that seems to work. It handbreke already has an arduino and a Hall sensor
  4. Thanks Luvdunhill ! I'm going to order some from Mouser and run some tests. I am building a "collective control" (for a helicopter simulator) and I need one hall effect sensor for one of the movements. I already have a raspberry-pi as a controller but in several schemes that I have seen they use the HA503.
  5. Guys, I need to replace a Hall effect sensor (HA 305 503) but I'm finding it outdated. Please can you help me find an alternative? The supply voltage must be max 5Vdc (for use with USB)
  6. Thanks James I was checking them with a wrong connection. Now I can read from 230 to 235v PD. I'm sorry it's hard to hold all of this with one hand
  7. I tested it with my old DY294 and I have breakdown voltages from 1470 to 1485v.
  8. Thanks you guys Pin connection is OK. I'm going to take some photos with the microscope. I'm going to take out my old sand tester to do a breakdown voltages test.
  9. I have arrived from northern Europe some 2SK216 (thanks Joamat 😉 ) but I have doubts as to whether they are original What do you think? I have tested them and they all give more or less the same values although looking at the data.
  10. Happy Birthday Dr. Gilmore!!!
  11. I have already posted it on other occasions but I love this album
  12. To celebrate our return to HC....This album has some Gilmour / Pink Floyd guitars that I love Turn Blue. "The Black Keys"
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