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  1. jose

    Speaker Porn

    Very interesting. It looks like a good craft job.!!! JBL dd55000 I would love to be "whipped" a couple of these... I think the turntable must have a very bad time there
  2. jose

    Speaker Porn

    JBL Everest dd67000
  3. ^ IMO they were pioneers with kraftwerk
  4. OMD "Organisation" vinyl album I am using it like a "test" while doing some changes to my SRX-P
  5. A Lambda pro may be a good option... if the price is acceptable.
  6. jose

    Speaker Porn

    To watch that television at that distance I would need the Hubbel telescope!!!!
  7. jose

    Speaker Porn

    Yes, JBL 4312G Although I prefer another component of that equipment….
  8. jose

    Speaker Porn

    I have lived that situation ... Alex used our subw as a "parking" lot for his Hot Wheels some time ago.
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