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  1. jose

    Get your game on!

    I also see the 40 series more in "work" environments than in games. Edti ; It´s already leaking that the 40 series will be an 25% max higher than the current 30 series without DLSS, RT, etc...
  2. jose

    Get your game on!

    I know many people who have had problems with HP reverbs for example using top GPU+CPU AMD and it seems that although their GPUs have more Vram they perform worse than Nvidia (in VR) I think so, 1440p at ~27" is the standard but yesterday I saw a slide from Nvidia with the performance of their GPUs in 8K.... who the hell has an 8K monitor?. 😁 Right now is a good time to buy a new 3080/3090 although paying 800/1000€ for a GPU still seems a lot of money.
  3. jose

    Get your game on!

    For now, the new "middle class" will be the 30-series graphics cards that the bastards at Nvidia haven't sold. Since they do not want to show us the performance of the new 40 WITHOUT DLSS, I don't think I'll part with my 3080 for a few years
  4. jose

    Get your game on!

    Until they fix their multiple driver issues they won't be an alternative. I´m convinced that they will do it... they are Intel and they have much money but perhaps we´ll have to wait for a second gen of its graphics cards to be a real opponent.
  5. jose

    Get your game on!

    New Nvidia cards... a nasty joke
  6. Ummm difficult.... They are all excellent musicians For his cheerful character, that of Yo Yo Ma. Casals, Rostropovich, Fournier (recorded in Basle Cathedral), Schiff, Bylsma and the Maisky´s first record, they all seem perfect to me in terms of virtuosity, although I wouldn't know which one to choose... perhaps Bylsma's version. On a technical level, I admit that I feel more attracted to "modern" recordings, so the Casals and Fournier recordings are the ones I listen to the least. Gavriel Lipkind and Queyras are perfect for me and on a technical level their recordings are simply spectacular (Queyras' version is recorded at the Eglise Saint-Cyriak and I think I remember that the engineer used DT990s). Both are very careful recordings and their presentation is extraordinary (it is worth the money it costs) Wispelwey I have always thought that it is the most correct "temporarily" since it uses a Baroque cello with "gut strings" (cuerdas de tripa, I don't know if the expression is correct) and I like to think that, if Bach ever got to hear his pieces, it would be with one of these instruments (perhaps I'm wrong). But the one I like the most and my first choice is Maisky's second recording. He is energetic and makes me feel very happy. It is very different from all... comparing his two recordings I feel like he evolved from an instrument virtuoso to a musician. I really like when something is recorded in cathedrals or churches... these places provide spectacular acoustics. Like allways, excuse my poor english and be soooo boring 😞
  7. This weekend a typhoon has "visited" us... so it has given me time for review my collection of Bach cello suites.
  8. Annihilator "Alice in Hell" Very cool the instrumental "Crystal Ann" with Spanish guitars and acoustic guitars
  9. And now that my Megatron is hot.... Oh men, her voice is beautiful.... 🥰🥰
  10. Use your 007+Megatron with this:
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