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  1. My first "serious" test for the next cycle here in Gran Canaria. It is practically the same route as the race. Thought and mood are something very curious... while I was climbing, although I was having fun with the beautiful day (we reached almost 40º C) I had the sensation of going slower than usual and when I returned home I was quite tired. I thought it was the treatment's fault but nevertheless, when I saw the data this afternoon I saw that not only climb faster but I also set significantly better times. Sea of clouds in the north of the island In Tejeda it´s the Parador (something like a Hotel) Top climb Jose needed breakfast today....
  2. I don't think this year I´l achieve the good result of last year but I am working very hard for this: This year the 10th edition is celebrated and a much tougher journey is expected, Despite not being at my best physically, I am happy to return and share this special day with my friends and colleagues from other teams. During this time I have received many calls and messages of support and encouragement. No drama, I'm glad to be back
  3. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Human Highway
  4. I'm starting to get to know my new Canon R6 Mk II. A very different world from my 90D. I know there are hundreds of videos on YouTube about this but please, do you have any tips or recommendations for me? Shooting the 90D continues to give me great joy (within my complete ignorance of course) but photography (like the music) has been one of my favorite distractions during my treatment and at the moments when I couldn't ride a bike. You already know that I am generally very clumsy. These are some photos that my wife asked me to take of her flowers with the 90D.
  5. Morrissey greatest hits... vinyl
  6. Glenn Gould Bach Goldberg Variations
  7. This weekend have been raining so I couldn't ride but Alex, my wife and I were to a wonderful restaurant. I'm learning to use my new camera 😁 so I'll try to post some photos. I´m lucky to have them and also to belong to the HeadCase community. Thank you very much guys.
  8. Thanks you!!!!
  9. George Benson "Bad Benson". I've always liked his version of "Take Five"
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