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  1. Yesterday we were in a aerial festival here. It's the Patrulla águila.
  2. I bought quite a few titles both Mofi, XRCD and HDCD (before Microsoft screwed up the format) about 14 or 15 years ago before prices went up due to "fiber audiophile". Now that I think about it and see the prices of some of these discontinued CDs, I think that I should have bought some more due to their quality and the love with which they are published. Edit: two of my favourites XRCD: 1812 Overture Tchaikovsky xrcd 24 and The Planets Host (by way I have about 8 version of the Planets if someone has interest I can do a comparative).
  3. It cost me a lot of time (and money) to get an untouched vinyl copy:
  4. I'm doing some changes in my toy room. I need to move a pile of amps.... it's a nightmare 😫
  5. Sorry, I'm doing changes to my toy room and I haven't been able to connect. I have some Casiopea cds but I like more things by Fumio Nanri, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Isao Suzuki, Toru "Tiger" Okoshi... closer to "classical" Jazz, bebop, etc... one of my latest discoveries was Takashi Matsunaga Trio, great pianist IHO. Another interesting thing is that their recordings sound very well make. I have several Japanese editions on XRCD (does anyone remember this?), Mofi, remasters, etc...
  6. Looking for Japanese Jazz recordings (one of my fetishes) I found these guys. Regardless of the rather quaint appearance... these guys sound very 70's metal
  7. Nice day and my best time in the crono. 2 th of my group but at 5 minutes of Joseba Beloki. A nice guy, great cycling,. climb with he has been a honor. I'm finding a transport for the Brent bike :-)
  8. We travel to La Gomera. As it were, it was my illusion. Tomorrow We still have to take two ferries and 175 kilometers by car to get there.
  9. Martha Argerich & Mischa Maisky LIVE aus der Synagoge Görlitz 13.10.2020.... beautiful
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