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  1. Just to clarify, is the amp board for this the one at http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/kgdynalobal5.zip?
  2. Since I'm still gathering parts, a couple of questions: 1. What is the blue cable you ran from the inputs to the volume pot? Is it shielded? 2. Where did you get the PCBs connected to the inputs (which I assume are XLR)? Thanks!
  3. That looks great! I just ordered the Modushop Galaxy 330x280x80 case for my KGST build, is that what you used? I got one with a fully-vented top and hope to fit the tubes without the dedicated openings.
  4. Thanks to some kind souls here, I now have KGST boards (yay!) from headinclouds' group buy. Very happy about that. Now I have a question about the PSU board: which Gerber file package on KG's site does it correspond to? There's kgstpsu21.rar, but it's marked "Modified Blue Hawaii PSU v3.0", whereas the PSU board I have is simply marked "Version 1.0", with no mention of the amp it's meant for. The two boards look different in general, including 350V vs 400V labels (though I did not compare the parts component-by-component yet).
  5. It's starting to look like no one has KGST boards available. So I started researching getting my own made. I've never ordered PCBs before, so I could use some advice. The cheapest thing I found is a $33/board deal from 4pcb.com, with a minimum of 4 (http://www.4pcb.com/33-each-pcbs/index.html). It ends up being $99 per set of three boards, with a minimum order of 4 for a total of around $400 (guess I'll just make more amps or have extras available for the next interested person). I'm worried about the specs. Is the 1-oz copper enough? What about the 0.062" thickness? For small runs of boards, which manufacturers do you guys use? Are there better deals around?
  6. Can you please post a photo of the bottom of one of your builds? Do you use countersunk screws to secure the offsets?
  7. Yes, I was an hour too late sending my message. Anyone else have a set left over from the group buy? Failing that, is there any interest in another group buy?
  8. Does anyone have a set of KGST boards for sale?
  9. I've been looking over the KGST files in KG's http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/ — what's the intended difference between kgstminiv03.zip and kgstminiv05.zip? The 03 has been updated more recently, so it doesn't seem to be a straightforward version number. (Yes, I've been bit by the KGST bug. KGSSHV, too. Trying to decide which one to go for first.) Also, what does "ST" stand for in "KGST"? Thanks!
  10. Justin, approximately when do you plan to cut off accepting deposits for the next run of the BHSE? I'm debating ordering one, and wondering how much time I have left to decide. Thanks!
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