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  1. I was under the impression that balance and offset of +/-20V are within spec for an electrostatic headphone amp... why worry about +/-1.5V, let alone +/-50mV? Not that I discourage overkill perfectionism.
  2. My boards came in yesterday. Thanks for the group buy!
  3. My Carbon runs slightly warm to the touch. 20mA, but with pretty large heatsinks and plenty of ventilation in the top panel. It's much, much cooler than the on-board-heatsink KGSSHV and KGST I built before.
  4. Shipping balance sent. Thank you!
  5. Anyone have any views on recent HD800 mods? I heard a few modded versions at a meet a couple of years ago and hated them. The mods reduced treble, yes, but they also muddied the mids and neutered the bass. Curious about the more recent iterations, especially since the 800S seems to just incorporate a mod (and throw in a balanced cable).
  6. Wonderful work. I'm interested, too!
  7. I'll pass on the PSU boards.
  8. Interesting. Got any more info? PS: I have a Gungnir Multibit I might be talked into lending to you and Kevin for experiments (though it'd be nice to get it back in one piece eventually)...
  9. I'm potentially interested in two sets of split GRHV sets, depending on the price. Would prefer to pay $30 or less per set.
  10. I expect a GRHV to work nicely... not sure about the output voltage or transformer specs.
  11. Does this mean you'll get rid of the MSB? Also, what's wrong with the volume control on the Carbon?
  12. Payment sent.
  13. I'll take two sets. Do you want just the money for the boards sent to you now, and the shipping later, or do you already know how much you'll need to charge for shipping?
  14. Following @luvdunhill'a formula (which he posted here before), I use ~3A fuses on all my stat amps (including a Carbon; NA voltage), never had any problems with inrush current. No lights dimming either — I have more trouble with commercial microwave ovens. I seem to recall Birgir confirming on the KGSSHV thread (or maybe the KGST one) that he does not use thermistors. I'm sure it's a different story with something that draws way more currenrt, like a Circlotron.
  15. Got it, thanks. VAT balance paid.