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  1. IFi Pro - iESL

    I have heard it. Garbage. It doesn’t provide enough gain for a 007 to play above a whisper at max volume (approximately equivalent to the loudness of a Carbon at 9 o’clock with a 50k volume pot). There is also photographic evidence suggesting its output bias line is electrically unsound and unsafe for electrostatic headphones: https://www.head-case.org/forums/topic/786-the-headcase-stax-thread/?do=findComment&comment=778245
  2. The State of DACSES

    Wasn't worth the effort. But now that the cat left the bag, the thread in question is here (comparisons to the measurement I hotlinked on page 6), with a response from the manufacturer, and a response from the person who originally interpreted the hotlinked measurements as "good" here.
  3. The State of DACSES

    Not my dScope. The image is hotlinked from... a couple of places where a shitstorm has erupted on whether that measurement shows a "good" or "bad" DAC. I'm just trying (and failing) to make sense of the (few) technical arguments in between the accusations and insults.
  4. The State of DACSES

    If you were to look at this DAC measurement for a 1kHz test tone, what would you conclude?
  5. What are you listening to Part the Third

    A little virtuoso harpsichord music to start your morning right: http://allofbach.com/en/bwv/bwv-808/
  6. Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    Does the order need to hit 25 each of TKD and Alpha to unlock preferential pricing, or 25 total?
  7. Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    Interested in an Alpha. Maybe two if you get the price down to $30 per case. Edit: Aesthetic preferences: delete "SuSy" and move the "Dynalo" label to the upper left of the front panel.
  8. The Headcase Stax thread

    The thread was removed from HF just because the Perun guys didn't pay a sponsorship fee? Really? Does this imply that Stax pays HF to keep the Stax thread available? I always thought the Stax corporation has no idea HF exists and wouldn't give a damn in any case.
  9. KGSSHV Carbon Build Thread

    You might have fried all those transistors, so if startup does not work sinked, you should probably replace them...
  10. What Are You Building Today

    That looks like an adorable robot.
  11. Audiophile or Audio-Fooled?

    That guy might know what he’s talking about when it comes to music theory, but (1) his appeal to authority fails because the producers he referred to mix music styles where — no shit — compression artifacts are often inaudible, and (2) he had his assistant run a statistically insignificant and poorly-designed test. And didn’t make a note of this fact. Maybe he doesn’t understand statsig testing. A much better test is available here (http://abx.digitalfeed.net/), but watching someone run through that doesn’t make for a good clickbait video. That said, I agree that distinguishing between 320kbps MP3s and lossless files is no joke. Strangely enough, I often hear a difference between my own local lossless rips and Tidal streams, but haven’t nailed down the reasons. Might be different masters, might be Tidal problems like subtle loudness reduction, might be my imagination.
  12. goldenreference low voltage power supply

    @ruslanch, @Pars: How large is the redone GRLV board?
  13. goldenreference low voltage power supply

    Is “a decent amount” closer to 50, 100, 500, or more? I want a few of each, but don’t want to spend more than a total of $200 or thereabouts.
  14. Diy new T2

    Cool! But maybe we can merge this with the established T2 thread?
  15. and now for something completely different part 3

    Arrow has been running a free overnight shipping promotion for a while now. I've been using it instead of Mouser and Digi-Key where possible.