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  1. In my understanding, setting a higher sample rate will cause the OS to digitally upsample or downsample the source material to match. I don’t know if it’s audible from an ABX test perspective, but it mucks with the signal. I suspect it doesn’t matter for upsamples of multiples of the original (like 44kHz to 88kHz or 48 to 96), but interpolation (44 to 96) might introduce artifacts. (I might be wrong about this.) A higher output bit depth than the source material should be fine: the extra bits will be set to 0, and that’s that. No information added, removed, or changed.
  2. Audirvana switches bit rate without necessarily taking exclusive control of a DAC. Is there any advantage to exclusive control? I find it annoying — you can’t just pause music playback to l, e.g. watch a video in-browser, you have to fully stop and lose your place in a track or playlist. Oh, and Apple’s jukebox software still not switching rates automatically is just silly. C’mon.
  3. I’m on the Qobuz trial, too. Playing through Audirvana, which gives 90 days. Enjoying the curated content, and it actually sounds better than Tidal to me. Too bad there’s no easy way to ABX, or I’d give it a shot.
  4. There’s now a part 2, if you feel like spending some more time: There’s pure insanity going on surrounding this on various forums. The pro-MQA crowd is now engaged in trench-warfare trying to discredit the guy who posted these videos. Changed its tune to “well we never said it was lossless — it’s lossy but BETTER than lame old lossless!”. There’s an edit war going on in the Wikipedia MQA article.
  5. @TMoney: Your battlestation photo is disturbingly lacking in headphones and a slick amplifier 😁 But I’m with you on this. I’ve been low-key trying to replace my Mac laptop with my iPad (and I don’t have one of the new ones, just an OG Pro from 2015) and an external keyboard. It’s close. I personally could probably jump ship if an upcoming version of iPadOS has (1) a Unix shell and (2) background processes. It seems like something Apple could bless us with. I’d also love external storage slots, but they’re not strictly necessary.
  6. The recent outcry over the MQA scam, and Tidal’s complicity in it, probably should be mentioned on this thread. This video started it a couple of weeks ago.
  7. Does anyone have 4CP-601 pots in 10k audio taper that you’d be willing to part with? I have now run out of my supply from this GB (my goodness, so long ago) and want to buy a couple more.
  8. Bro, you just made my day. The HD800, a headphone that — when released — redefined pricing for non-exotics (i.e., not the R10, not the Orpheus, and not Stax) at a then-eyewatering 1400 USD, is now considered a beater, great for tossing in a backpack. 🤣
  9. Not Bryan either, but IMO the Utopia sounds like an attempt to recreate the OG SR-009 with a dynamic driver and an uncomfortable headband. If you don't mind a hotspot on your head and like the 009 sound and don't want to deal with electrostatics, you'll enjoy the Utopia.
  10. Looks neat. Looks like you didn't go for a balanced output on the Dynalo, any reason?
  11. Interesting, my 20mA build doesn’t get anywhere hot enough to be described as “a furnace”, and I used smaller heatsinks. OTOH, I also used smaller mounting brackets, so the hot transistors sit closer to the sink fins, which should help somewhat. My on-board heatsink KGSSHV ran hotter than the Carbon, and my Dynahi ran hotter still.
  12. Is the case as strange as it appears on photos?
  13. Thanks for all the advice! Guess I’d better go learn to use a table saw.
  14. That's a flat plane, as you surmised, showing a section cut through the threshold. I'm attaching a picture with perspective. Thank you for looking into it!
  15. Image with dimensions attached. I figured it should be easy, and I only brought up CNC because it's a simple solution IME for turning CAD files into parts. Doesn't mean it's the right way to build this thing. That's a great tip to find someone through a makerspace, but they're all closed in my area because of covid-19.
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