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  1. Goodbye Tyll. Happy Travels

    Congratulations!! Have a great time out there with Putt!
  2. Pass Labs discussion

    I don’t have a good sense of what speaker specs make them efficient. I have a C-Note kit waiting for assembly, and was thinking of using that with this amp (8 ohm impedance with a sensitivity of 85 dB 1W/1m). That looks to me like it’ll get plenty loud..?
  3. i'm on a roll... the kgsshv

    I wondered about this... what is the actual audio effect of high offset? I've never wanted to experiment on my own builds, but I keep hearing about (trigger warning! ) SinglePower amps having +/-150V offsets and such... Does it just distort like crazy? Make noise? Does it clip? Anyone have measurement charts showing the effect?
  4. Pass Labs discussion

    Reviving an old thread, sorry-not-sorry... DIYAudio Store is running a preorder sale on Pass ACA kits, $317/pop with a dual monoblock option. Includes the works. The default build is 7Wpc (class A), the monoblocks are 20Wpc. I'm really tempted, but would appreciate advice from more knowledgable people here. I've been interested in Pass designs for a while, and this is my chance to get my feet wet reasonably cheaply. But if I don't like it, I'll end up with more amps I don't use taking up closet space (cough)... https://diyaudiostore.com/collections/frontpage/products/amp-camp-amp-kit
  5. HiFiMAN Shangri-la Jr. Electrostatic Headphones

    You mean the polarity is inverted on the drivers? That's nuts. Does it fail the wiring center/twisted test on https://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php? (Note the quote from the page on the subject: "That would be the last straw if your headphone's manufacturer made wrong connections, but it sometimes happens as reported with very cheap brands, or counterfeit replicas.")
  6. The Headcase Stax thread

    It's easy. Let's stop pluralizing "headphones". Instead of saying "a pair of headphones", just say "headphone". As in, "I think the SR-009 is a slightly-bright headphone" and "Stax wants to make improvements with the SR-009S headphone". Same for the HD800 and HD800S.
  7. The Headcase Stax thread

    If Stax currently sells every unit it has the capacity to manufacture, then it might not make sense to do any more marketing. Also, it's far from clear that Stax can scale up manufacturing if demand increases (and we definitely don't want it to respond to rising demand the other way, by raising prices).
  8. Let’s not forget that Focal warranty is non-transferable, so used units don’t get serviced, even if they originally came from an authorized dealer at full MSRP+tax. (Not that Stax warranty support is anything to boast of, either.)
  9. The Headcase Stax thread

    Could there be something goofy with your playback software or DAC, or the combination of the two? For example, I found that the ODAC clips nastily with software playback volume is set to 100%, but could not reproduce the problem on other DACs.
  10. 2018 PCB Group Buy with TKD pots

    Paid. Many thanks.
  11. goldenreference low voltage power supply

    It depends on the max current draw, doesn't it? For 20V with a SS Dynalo, for example, you need some heatsinking, but not a huge amount. For those builds, I just attach the devices to the aluminum chassis (through a pad, naturally) and it works well. For 30V with a SS Dynahi, I attached them to large external heatsinks.
  12. KG Balanced Dynahi build discussion thread

    @penmarker: This is the standard HC advice on the subject:
  13. Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid

    Not once you deduct the cost of running a company, building product, and paying taxes. With 8M gross revenue, it probably lost money — must have, or it would likely have stayed in business.
  14. The Headcase Stax thread

    Out of curiosity, which Russian forums do you read?
  15. Dynalo Mini enclosure group buy

    Also paid. Thank you!