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  1. I used TAP106K035CCS and TAP476K035CCS, rated for 35V. They seem to work fine...
  2. I built my Carbon with 680uF Mundorf/FT caps from this group buy from 2015. The 3.15A fuse I put in originally has never failed, after far more than 10-30 on-off cycles. No thermistors 🤷‍♂️. No problems after years of use. The 76mm height restriction was a bit annoying, but I made a fully-custom case slightly larger than 2U (100mm, using Fischer SK 56 100 SA heatsinks).
  3. To be fair, the one time I heard it, the LL made the 009 sound oh so dreamy...
  4. Anyone who doesn't want to be injured. That photo shows a device which is a hazard for (1) electrical shock, and (2) a fire.
  5. (Rant warning. Also, I haven't been reading any of the Apple commentariat, so I'm sure this has been covered and perhaps refuted by other people in more detail.) I'm pessimistic about this move to "Apple Silicon". Remember all the "G5, the only desktop supercomputer" nonsense from the early 2000s? Where some cherry-picked works-in-the-lab-only benchmark showed it outperforming an Intel chip, but ran everything in the real world with all the speed of frozen molasses? I'm getting echoes of the same thing here. CPU design is a game of dollars spent on chip design and optimization. Intel
  6. @skullguise: How are you liking that Brooklyn Amp? I've been thinking about it for the (planned) living room system, the small footprint appeals to me.
  7. Headphones ordered roughly by decreasing frequency of use: Audio Zenith PMx2 (really convenient!) Stax SR-007A (mid-2015 revision) (paired with a KGSSHV Carbon or KGST) Campfire Audio Andromeda JH13fp (of course) Oppo PM-3 (for closed use, often when playing (digital) piano) Sennheiser HD600 (mid-1999!) Still consider the HD800 an excellent headphone albeit one that benefits more from EQ than any of the above. Heard many current-TOTLs, consider most of them underwhelming or flawed compared to the above. Curious about ZMF products, never had a chance to t
  8. Oh my. If this is TMoney's amp, then I heard it at a meet back in, what, 2014 I think? It's fantastic!! Got me on the road to building electrostatic amps and participating here on HC.
  9. My boards came in today. Thank you so much for doing another stellar GB!
  10. What about trying VirtualBox as your hypervisor (free from Oracle, https://www.virtualbox.org) and a Windows developer VM (also free, from Microsoft, https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/)? It looks like the bulk of MS's developer VMs hosting older versions of IE disappeared (they used to be on http://modern.ie, but that now redirects to a generic MS developer site), but I expect that a little sleuthing on the seamier side of the Internet will turn them up. FWIW, when I tried VirtualBox a few years ago, it had appalling performance compared to Fusion, but things
  11. Please increase my order of both GRLV78 and GRLV79 to 5. Also please add 2 bare GRHVs because they're cheap and why not.
  12. I prefer assembled, but how much does the cost go up if most people opt for bare boards?
  13. The CA Andromeda sounds better (to me) than the JH13. It's a little hard to describe how or why — a bit less fatigue, perhaps, and a smidge more natural-sounding on the instruments. Fit is a different story. No universal will match the comfort of a custom, and Campfire industrial design in particular features sharp edges which will not fit every ear. In my particular case, it fits pretty well. It's also a shallow-insertion IEM (as opposed to e.g. Etymotic), so overall comfort is reasonable with Comply foam eartips.
  14. I have the JH13freqphase, and it's still a pretty good CIEM. I have tried universals of the Layla and another more expensive and more recent JH unit (don't remember which one), and they sucked. The bass adjustment screw is dreadful — it takes the bass from "ouch my ears" to "I don't know what I'm listening to", and I don't know how to adjust it to sound, you know, like instruments do in real life. I'm not even sure if the reasonably well-tuned JH13 is even still available. My personal opinion: avoid modern JH. In the world of universal IEMs, the Campfire Audio Andromeda is pretty ter
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