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  1. 2 days with heat indexes in the high 90s have me wondering if the leather flap on the SH-M065 shoes is overkill for road use. http://www.wiggle.com/shimano-mt34-spd-touring-cycle-shoes-2014/ Instead?
  2. I am currently running some cheapo VP pedals. Not sure how much the mini platform adds but otherwise no complaints. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O9XZA5O If I was buying today it would prolly be the A530 pedals linked above. http://www.jensonusa.com/Shimano-PD-A530-Pedals Jenson also has the Shimano SH-M065 Shoes for a decent price http://www.jensonusa.com/Sale/Shimano-SH-M065-Shoes And there's a coupon for first time buyers. http://www.jensonusa.com/Coupons-and-Promotional-Codes
  3. Is a bench mount stand okay? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011NJ3P5I (seems like the best option in that $ range)
  4. That is indeed Sand Creek until crosses over the county line and then it becomes Pine Creek. I think a new accessory may be in order. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IRY4UB6
  5. From the 'Alamo Township Park Trail Network" Debating if there are trout in the creek or not.
  6. I guess I need to get busy and pick some berries.
  7. Sounded like a plan to add it to the gas. Started on the first pull. Easy $60.
  8. Yep. Component side down, with a cutout section in the "main board" under where the amp board ends up. Add some case vents and almost sounds like a plan until trying to route a PCB for it.
  9. I was half awake and imagining a single sided plug in amplifier board with the whole bottom being an exposed mounting pad for a BGA heat sink this morning. Dunno how practical that would be in the light of day.
  10. My understanding is ethanol in pump gas can degrade the rubber bits inside a 2 stroke carburetor in only a couple years if the tool is stored with fuel in it. Home Depot and the like sell premixed fuel that does not contain ethanol but $5 a quart is silly. Anyhow... A replacement carb for this trimmer was $18 on eBay, the rebuild kit was $6. I should have ordered a new carb. Will know better next time.
  11. I should prolly make a real sign. Zucchini once this week was enough....
  12. 2 Stroke weed eater? I am hoping a carb rebuild is the solution for the broken trimmer a neighbor brought over (the metering valve is toast) Also needed a new gas line and snaking that into the tank is going to be a pain...
  13. Have a powder coating shop near by? The receiver is rather nicely hidden but.....
  14. Kaleo A/B Not sure yet... Keep thinking it's a little to country but then it surprises me.
  15. Assuming "the production boards" are the same as the σ78 prototype I have....there is solder mask on the back side but the vias are exposed. Which could cause a short if an insulating pad were not used and the (proposed) exposed thermal pad on the PCB is grounded and extends past the outline of the TPS7A4701/TPS7A3301 regs.
  16. Lost one of my High School classmates over the weekend. RIP Joey. http://www.winkelfuneralhome.com/joseph-h-schmitt/
  17. Unless that software is ExpressPCB. http://www.rocketscream.com/shop/reflow-oven-controller-shield-arduino-compatible
  18. Is there a chassis ground somewhere that I am not seeing? I'm in if you're looking for people to build prototypes.
  19. Rework. A Lilly of the Valley is a pain...
  20. FaceBook spam.... http://www.pacifichealthlabs.com/all-products/starters-samples/accel-gel-all-natural-samples-assorted-6-pack.html
  21. With fireworks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but none on Monday it sure didn't feel like the 4th but will take it. Thanks guys. Edit: Also a big thank you for the belated wishes.
  22. Was thinking about the Box enclosure, would also fit in a Hammond, Lansing, Bud and a few others. No question but getting them delivered can be a whole other story. Turning the whole thing around the other way is not without benefits but not shoehorned into an expensive case trumps. I like the FPE idea. Just buy the extrusions, some pre-anodized aluminum sheets cut to fit any size you like.....
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