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  1. First impressions of linear power supply for the GL MkII: Compared to the stock switcher the LPS removes any edge or sibilance from the highs and makes the sound smoother, less grainy, and more effortless. The stock Glite was terrific with the HD650 but was a bit edgy with the Utopia, but with the LPS the Utopia now sounds much smoother. I think the Glite w/LPS and HD650 pairing is a stellar deal. The amp opens up the HD650's soundstage and improves its imaging, getting rid of the 3-blob effect. It also clears up congestion in the lower midrange and tightens up the bass. Just a very
  2. Yes, that is still the case. In fact, it's worse in a way, because in the old model the y-forks were made of plastic and you could muscle the earcup past them (though they had a tendency to snap if you did), but becase this one is metal, you can't. However the new design allows for a wider range of motion, and the fit is definitely better than in the old one. I'm guessing someone with a 3d printer can probably make a y-fork that bypasses the tab and allows for full outward articulation. I know SoCas makes Stax mods, maybe they can do it, but I haven't contacted them about it. It'll have t
  3. L700 Mk2 impressions based on less than an hour of ownership: First of all, the fit is very much improved. The Mk1 had an idiotic design where the top of the earcup couldn't swivel outwards far enough, and it ended up putting too much pressure on the top of the earpad while the bottom wouldn't even seal properly on some people. The Mk2 has a different y-fork, yoke, whatever you want to call it, which is bent inwards and lets the earcups swivel more, and as suspected it creates a better fit. There's still a bit too much pressure on the temples but it's tolerable and at least it seals. And
  4. I swear that bird must have played a lot of laser tag.
  5. Diabotical is out on the Epic game store. I'm surprised, I would have thought they'd take longer to get it finished, but it's out. If you've ever wanted to get into a Quake-style game, now's the chance, before everybody spends another 20 years practicing. It's also free, though with cosmetic microtransactions (boo!). Game seems very well made. A little derivative, but aside from Quake Champions there really hasn't been much innovation in the genre, and Quake Champions is cheaply made and kinda crap imo, no matter how interesting the core design is. I guess outsourcing the game to a third-
  6. Bummer. No problems on mine so far (I've had it over half a year now), and no problems on my Clear either which I had since 2017 and which has been used daily. But I did have an Elex with a failure at the cable connector on the right earcup. I can't blame the headphones too much since there was a lot of strain being put on that connector and eventually it let go. I've gathered that it's a common weak point with them, so if you've got an Elex, don't yank on the cables!
  7. Honestly I just use the HD650 something like 95% of the time. It's like mom's chicken noodle soup, or a pair of old fuzzy slippers, headphone comfort food that won't knock your socks off but is just pleasant and relaxing and nice, without doing much of anything wrong. These days, with so much crap going on in my life and outside of it, that's pretty much all I'm looking for most of the time. And the FR is damn near perfect. Other headphones are the Stax L700, which has some faults but is just so damn musical, the Utopia, which sounds great but is a bit fatiguing so I might ditch it, and t
  8. Didn't realize they were SonarWorks and you were with them - nice! Would have looked up myself otherwise. Thanks for linking. I sanity check measurements too, by using a test tone generator to listen to the FR by ear. However that method is a bit flawed in that the brain adjusts incredibly quickly to gradual changes in volume, so it's mainly useful for hearing sudden peaks and dips, the rest you have to train yourself to hear. But it's better than nothing and faster too.
  9. RudeWolf - where are these measurements from? Do you know what system they were done on? And is there an HD650 measurement from that system? Thanks. Regarding pricing, I'd look for an open box special, which will often be well under $3k. These are still covered by the factory warranty. There are also lots of them floating around on the used market sometimes for under $2k but of course buying used is always a risk.
  10. I had an ESP950 and it had issues right from the start. I should probably send it back to get fixed but haven't gotten around to it. In either case, they don't have dust covers and I have a German Shepherd, and I really don't think that's gonna work out. But I do use the L700 fairly frequently.
  11. I also made the jump from the Clear to the Utopia. The Utopia is a little leaner and colder, has a few db less bass and a bit more treble but is still roughly within the boundaries of neutral. It is noticeably more resolving than the Clear, has a bigger stage especially when it comes to height and depth, and in the treble there is more 6khz peak but less 11khz peak. The microdynamics are also better on the Utopia, the Clear felt like it compressed things a little bit (though it had terrific slam) while the Utopia is more nuanced. I do think the Clear is better balanced and a bit better in
  12. We need wholesome content and what's more wholesome than a classy British gentleman restoring classic cars. One of my favorite new channels on the youtubes.
  13. I hope they change the freaking headband. The 007 Mk2 is one of the few headphones I straight up cannot wear. The self-adjusting headband strap is too tight and keeps pulling them out of place, and there is absolutely no articulation on the earcups at all, so they're never exactly right. Since the 007 is so fit dependent, I have to pretty much hold the earcups in place. Yeah, the 007 still sounds very good (modded, tweaked, etc) but if you can't use it, what use is it? Stax have a LOT of work ahead of them, and so far all we've seen is lackluster amps at twice the price they should be.
  14. As well you should be. There's a bit of a retro indie shooter kick going on right now. Dusk, Amid Evil, Ion Fury, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, probably a few more than I can't remember, all getting a decent amount of attention. I guess the success of Doom and Doom Eternal gave people hope that the old school shooter isn't completely dead. I hope Diabotical does the same thing for multiplayer, but not holding my breath for that one... Quake Champs failed, though that had more to do with it being a mess of a game rather than the genre being dead imo. But, you know... Bethesda. Sigh. On the not
  15. Dusk is pretty great. I don't know why I never played through it when it came out, but I finally played it now. It starts off a bit like a Quake clone - a very slick and polished Quake clone but a clone nevertheless - but it doesn't stay that way. The feel of the game really changes as you get further into it, and it feels more inspired by the atmosphere of immersive sims like Thief and System Shock, and occasionally horror games like Amnesia. The level design has clearly learned some tricks from Half Life and Portal, and plays with verticality and sense of scale quite a lot. Above it all
  16. How difficult are these to drive? Would they work fine out of your average Stax amp like a 007t or do you need to go big boy aftermarket for these?
  17. Sorry, I read Voltron's first post, but not his second. I was reacting to that alone. If we're gonna talk politics, you can chalk me up for thinking both of them are horrible. I used to be a Democrat, but the party's recent behavior has made me question that. At the same time, my values haven't changed - even though a lot of the party's values clearly have - and I'm not a Republican either. So I'm politically homeless, more or less. But I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the mainstream media's handling of the political landscape even more than I am by the behavior of either party.
  18. I'd rather Knucks posted whatever he wanted, regardless of whom it helps or hurts politically. Yes, some of the political stuff irritates me, but I don't think what's posted in this thread will sway a voter one way or another and it's relevance is only to make us laugh. Posting anti-Biden memes here will have no bearing on the election whatsoever.
  19. The market is probably football players and execs that want something shiny on their desk. I wonder if it uses the same underperforming driver tech that the Sonoma Model 1 used? I'd like to see distortion measurements at 100db.
  20. Been following this one closely. Right now there are reports of the headband lacking enough extension for us coneheads so I'm waiting for them to update it, which they said they would. There also have been some reviews of them with preliminary measurements, worth a look though as always, well salted. The question, of course, is do I actually need them, and are they any better than what I have already.
  21. Thanks! Yes, MiniDSP Ears is notoriously unreliable in the highs, and HPN comp doesn't really line up with what I hear either. But they're still useful as a comparative tool. Is the dip at 5khz really there or just a measurement artifact?
  22. There's no way the L700 is better than the 007, at least in my experience. The L700 sounds more artificial and "off" at least in terms of midrange tone, whereas the 007 sounds more natural and is better in nearly every technical aspect. The issue with the 007 is that it's one of the least user-friendly headphones out there, hard to amp, very fit dependent, self-adjusting headband system that's awkward and keeps pulling the headphones out of position, modding required for the Mk2 models, etc etc. The 007 has the potential to sound really bad in the wrong system whereas the L700 generally sounds
  23. Is there any word on a linear power supply straight from Headamp? I heard rumors that there might be one in the works after the GS-X Mini release.
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