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    On 6/10/2022 at 3:26 AM, mikeymad said:



    ^^ I really like the acoustics on that one. Fun on headphones.

    I just finished listening to a couple of songbirds new to me.

    I Cry When I Laugh

    I Cry When I Laugh
    Jess Glynne



    Mostly dance oriented songs, that I liked, but I was I was drawn to her Adel style, and she can belt. 


    Innocent Eyes (Ten Year Anniversary Acoustic Edition)

    Innocent Eyes (Ten Year Anniversary Acoustic Edition)
    Delta Goodrem



    Enjoyed her Tori Amos/Kate Bush style. I guess I like these two enough, but is it just because they sound like other singers that I love? I guess I will see if I listen to more of their stuff. 

    If you like Tori Amos/Kate Bush then you will more than likely like this 


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  2. Before I do so I want to make sure,   I am going to run a blue hawaii out of my T+A PA300HV integrated amps pre outs . I want to use the T+A amp for volume control, as I can just use the remote then, am I right in thinking that it will be fine  to turn the BHSE volume control to full and do this?


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