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  1. I heard an Abyss off both the GSX Mk II and Ragnarok with a Yggdrasil DAC.


    Properly adjusted, the Abyss was very good.


    SR-009 good, NOPE. Perhaps if the SR-009 was run off a Stax amp (T2 excluded). Not when the SR-009 was driven by a BHSE or KGSSHV.


    That was a problem for me, They are difficult to adjust,at least the pair I tried on at the dealers, the dealer slipped with a screwdriver trying to turn the screwhead located on  top of the bar and they were uncomortable on top of my head(shaved) from the off.  They sounded to have a tilt towards the bass to me, so I guess the Stax and Abyss are chalk and cheese, you either like one or  the other.

    Have you heard the hd800, were they bright for you as well?

    Maybe I should get a wig:)

  2. The Abyss build quality just does not say 5k cans to me. I personally would go hd800 based on sound/build  quality  even if the Abyss price was the same tbh.  I didn't dislike  the LCD 2& 3 but I found them very uncomfortable after about 30-45 mins which ruled them out. It was the same more or less with the hifiman HE6 cans.

    DefQon  , For me I thought there was a bit too much bass, among other things, with the Abyss , but then some people think the STAX are bass light.

  3. I heard the Abyss at Whittlebury hall November ish 2013 with no idea of the price, and when they told me I was stunned that anyone would think about paying anywhere near that much for them,as they seemed poorly made, the fit was awkward and  the guy had problems adjusting the headband screw.,  .. The Stax SR009  however..... the seed was planted, and after a further longer listen at a dealers to both the SR 009,which I now have bought ,Abyss, just to confirm with my ears what I thought the first time, as by now there were some reviews saying how good they were(the king has no clothes) I was still not impressed. The senn hd800 were the only other pair that impressed me(well worth the money) and to be honest if I could not have afforded the 009's I would have purchased them.

  4. Hi All

    My 1st post on the forum having just bought the 009's .

    I bought the SRM 717 from Astrostar59 .

    I borrowed the Woo to try out for a half day whilst I waited for the 717 to arrive, yes I could not wait one whole day to listen to my new  009's .

    I only had both for about an hour so did not really have a lot of time to compare the two, as soon as the 717 turned up I took the borrowed woo back to the dealer..

    Sounds like it was just as well from what you say spritzer, looks like you saved me problems/cash further down the road.

    Do  Woo know that this is a problem or is it a case of  "putting their heads in the sand"?

    Once my bank balance has recovered I will be looking to get a better stat amp.

    My first pair of Stax were a pair of Sigma's with an srd7 back in 1979 which I sold when I went to active speakers

    for a while..So quite a gap between purchases..

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