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  1. roll up, roll up, buy an expensive empty box.. https://shop.mcintoshlabs.com/products/lb200-light-box
  2. @Kung, impressive work, looks quite time consuming to do in both carrying out the repair and sourcing materials , was it just to do a repair on a faulty pair you had or are you maybe thinking of doing this for others as well?
  3. https://i.imgur.com/b8e9ibi.png
  4. My Revox PR99 playing an STS tape.
  5. If you like Tori Amos/Kate Bush then you will more than likely like this
  6. This album is growing on me.
  7. it came from apple id thing, it may be bullshit but I changed it just in case. so it wasn't really you in the beastiality thread 😲
  8. Just to alert others of this as I have an alert set up for any data breach of all my accounts. I had a message that there was a possible data breach for my head case password so have changed it
  9. Before I do so I want to make sure, I am going to run a blue hawaii out of my T+A PA300HV integrated amps pre outs . I want to use the T+A amp for volume control, as I can just use the remote then, am I right in thinking that it will be fine to turn the BHSE volume control to full and do this? thanks
  10. rod

    Speaker Porn

    Close up of the midrange driver of my speakers.
  11. rod


    My GMT which I bought new in Jan 1990
  12. Thanks, runs as sweet as the day it was purchased.
  13. My SME 20/2A which I purchased new in Jan 2002, got around 3000 L.P.'s and still climbing
  14. rod

    Dyson Zones

    Tim Vine is my cup of tea so dad jokes rock. Who is Tice?
  15. rod

    Dyson Zones

    But do they suck the life out of the music?
  16. Appearance wise to my eyes they look quite ugly.
  17. Would wearing spectacles be classed as having a bad seal?
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