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  1. Seems to be something AC coupled rather than DC coupled as they did for the past 30 years. Unregulated PS? Seems so.
  2. But mid point of megatron seems to drift quiet a bit. Is that because of the tube ccs?
  3. Push'em harder! 20mA at least
  4. Those were a GB ang728 and I ran locally. It was supposed to be silver, or grey, or gun metal - at least in our imagination. We ordered something like that. When the factory gave us some pictures of those...Say 30 of those. It's simply too late. It was done by accident and I assume it's impossible to reproduce again. I believe something was wrong in that anodizing sink. Who knows. I love them a lot. Because of the color, the power indicator is also green.
  5. Those are indeed from China. I have some PM me for detail if you are interested .
  6. I copied from carbon BOM. Those are bypass cap so use whatever you want/have. My bad. should at least >400V to be safe.
  7. Here are my BOM for a pair of BH. for GRLV and GRHV. copied from Carbon build thread. Parts I already have or going to buy from local dealer are NOT included like LEDs, insulators, IC sockets. Someone need to check if all resistor value are correct. I hope I could finish it at the end of April
  8. I think the final casing of the VR was done by same factory. Mine uses dale resistors. Or maybe they are really the same thing. I don't know (and don't care). I only care about the performance which was pretty nice for the asking price. I will have a chance to compare it with DACT. Will report if the difference is significant. I haven't heard GG now. It has been back ordered for months. According to the builder, both carbon and GG are TOTL amps. Overall performance are in the same league. Compared to carbon, GG has slightly recessed bass and tremble extension but sweeter mid and vocal. I've heard some people said 009 w/ carbon were too "clean". For those who think so, GG might be a better choice.
  9. Semi-customized. The shape of front plate, depth, height, and heatsink was fixed. Others were customized. If you use my BOM, that would be 10k/.5w as you used. A experienced builder told me grid resistors were super hot because it was connected to the internal structure of tube. I later changed to 470R/3w, just because I have them in stock. KG said the value doesn't really matter. T2 used 20k. BH used 470R. Those were not EIZZ. Those were indeed from China. Building quality was good enough for the price. No issues like pop or clicking . There weren't much choice for stepped VR that were cased and no clicking. It has more steps in low volume area than DACT. Khozmos clicks. Goldpoint is expensive. I've bought over 10 of these. For long wires, as you could see, there's no place for extension rod. Even I could move the amp boards a little bit, it would still need to redesign the back plate that means I have to throw away the whole batch. The wires were shielded and power supply were in another box. No worries.
  10. Just like Carbon we built. Same box, same PS. Relay=120s. Separated filament transformer.
  11. Chassis are semi-customized and buttons are also from the manufacturer. Separated PSU theoretically would prevent 60HZ AC noise. The reason I use separated box was much simpler.... Because it's hard to fit GG in one box or it would be HUGE. Since customized chassis has MOQ, I want carbon, GG, BH to share a same design to lower the cost of customized chassis. I had to order a batch of those. So yeah, more amps coming.
  12. This is a small project paying tribute to stax mafia. So I called it stacked mafia. I am going to build several amps in the same boxes. This is the first one. The Carbon with two boxes, GRHV, GRLV, 23 stepped VR. Planned by my friend and I and built by @ang728. Here are some pics. One GG is also done and more amps are in progess. photo credit to ang728
  13. what's the difference between 15V and 18V?
  14. The USB XMOS driver was said to deliver 88.2KHz noise into DA module. I don't know if the newest driver has already solved the bug.