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  1. sounded promising is tempting! detail please.
  2. Did you use regulated supply for front end tube heater?
  3. Connecting G3 to anode is theoretically better. But EL34 is a pentode so it has a real suppressor grid so tying G3 to anode should be fine. 6CA7 is a beam tetrode, so the G3 is actually a beam forming plate. By connecting G3 to plate will make it unable to form electron beams. I don't know if this will make the tube kinks or acts strangely as the plate was originally trying to avoid secondary emission. KT77 has G3 internally connected to cathode and pin 6 jumped. So far as I know EL34, 6ca7, KT77 worked fine in GG. I wonder if it will be the same under T2 configuration.
  4. hey! wrong ID
  5. I am thinking of building a Uber power amp. Can I just add a pot in front of the driver board to make a single ended amp? So I will just need 1*40V GRLV and 2 sets of driver/amp. Or should I use a dynalo as input buffer since I have one? What does the + reg drive on the uber2 stands for? And I plan to lower the bias to cool down the amp a little bit. Which resistor(s) should I change? Thanks!
  6. Really? I don't even know RK50 will fit
  7. Then 330V@400mA should be enough. Thanks for correction.
  8. I use 325V/250mA secondary for 400V@20mA*4 for carbon. Megatron should be almost the same.
  9. The voltage there was 10.xv as I recall. Change to 18v will avoid clipping but 12v should be plenty during normal usage. Congrats on the successful build!
  10. Please call an ambulance. 1021's dead. BTW, the noise should be out of 20kHz so it shouldn't matter?
  11. How would these compare with LDO+IXTP01N. I assume noise will improve a little bit by using using LT3042. I like the simplicity of the LDO and modern parts are easier to source.
  12. Yeah... So, I will do it with separated winding with LT1083 regulator. All floated. I do it mainly because I plan to use separated ps box. Running AC with DC in a same umbilical cord seems somehow compromised for me.
  13. Is there actual benefit to have both 6922 and EL34 filament regulated or only 6922 is required?
  14. I was thinking to build one adjustable DC supply to use some P88CC or 6N23P. Those have much more reasonable prices. Filament will sit a little bit at negative. So negative LDO is preferred?
  15. Sandwich.