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  1. 🤣 I did look up the folder before asking. Just to make sure I didn't look for the wrong files. Thanks!
  2. What is the name of the tube input for outputbuf2020? Thanks!
  3. Is there any chance doing a tube input version of the pre section?
  4. KT77 has different internal configuration. Take JJ's spec sheet for example, 6CA7 pin1 was connected to g3 while KT77 has pin1 NC and g3 connected to cathode internally. It won't be a problem in some versions of the Kevin's layout which G3 and cathode was connected on the PCB. But in a certain version of GG's layout, which G3 was linked to anode. It will be a disaster if KT77 was plugged in. I didn't checked the BH's board layout. So if your BH/GG has former board layout, it should be perfectly fine.
  5. On the 700s page. ●New semiconductor driver with J-FET in the amplification stage All semiconductor driver unit that has adopted custom-made low-noise dual FET at the first stage, and for the first time in STAX driver unit history J-FET has been employed at the second stage. After so many years, Stax finally ran out of the long obsoleted Toshiba JFET. The 700t is more like a change that has to be done eventually. But still for some unknown reasons, they still refused to employ CCS in their tube amps. And the second of the 700s stage is quite interesting for me. It's so sad that it hasn't been a lot of innovations since the old Stax gone broke, so minor changes now become news.
  6. They claimed the 700s has JFET VAS stage. Any opinion?
  7. It was quite hot in this size with that current of my build. Is your amp running hot too?
  8. It was a small batch made customized. The factory did everything for me. ps. I have some spare.
  9. Time for some old fashioned design. You can't go wrong with through hole.
  10. I want to add 2x GRHVxxx 1x GRLV79xx 1x GRLV78xx 1x Main Board 1x miniT2 in total: 6x GRHVxxx 3x GRLV79xx 3x GRLV78xx 3x Main Board 3x miniT2 Thanks!!
  11. Done. I miscalculated the height needed for all the stuff on the amp boards, so the build is super tight. As the first one made as a prototype, I think it's good enough. I will increase the width and depth by a little bit next time. Now for some serious listening and comparison with Carbon and GG.
  12. Made some multi-coated front panel recently. This is a small project @ang728 and I ran together. This is our first attempt to try multi-coated for the front panels. I don't know if this kind of finishing will start to peel off in longterm. We'll see. We are thinking making more interesting colors, too. Maybe "Hulk" green or something like that... The blue one has tapered feet while the red one has real spiked feet.
  13. 4 grhv, 2 grlv78xx, 2 grlv79xx, 2 main board, 2 mini t2 please
  14. use modern SMD ones like STN9360 instead of 2sa1968 on taobao.
  15. RK27 are sometimes prone to imbalance at low level. Despite this, the overall performance is good, especially considering the price. Stax uses RK27(customized), too.
  16. Not really. I think GG has better vocal while Carbon has better both ends extension and a little bit wider soundstage. BH sits between them.
  17. It's finally done. Negative GRHV output resistor changed to 3.3R. 170D was substituted with ROHM in GRHV. As for sound. In Brief, the BH sits between Carbon and GG.
  18. Except from K170 and J74, what else could be used as front end? K170 and J74 are long obsoleted and prices are high now. Any easier sourcing / cheaper substitution? I know linear system has some but the prices are high too....
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