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  1. looks better than the $50,000.0000 one
  2. i am sorry, suddenly lost all the interests about this when i heard it's only a slightly more powerful tube-fronty 727 without changing the pot -
  3. Welcome welcome, Kings of off-topics
  4. why not recommend the circlotron? highest voltage evar! the DHT (king of DHT) sure is damn good, especially those emission tubes (at least eight)
  5. Help!!!! GG or Super-HV Circlotron? I only have budget to build one of them, which is better (in everything) one tube, one SS....
  6. only talking about non-ESD amps here (aka common amps), if the amp has no negative feedback, (using n-fb could achieve pretty pretty low output z, 0.0x ohm i assume), but how about those none-fb ones? open loop is a hard subject
  7. according to your id, are you from there (china)? -
  8. is the t8000 the most advaned (i mean the architecture) ESD amp now? although it's not as powerful as us diy projects.
  9. no more off-topic posts please T80000000tear down, one and only
  10. how much are these? want to buy a pair
  11. you got the T80000 yet, bro? God bless USPS!!! -
  12. I second Soren, all in one better than you second multi world
  13. SR-009 suity amp http://www.phileweb.com/news/d-av/201702/18/40584.html No need to be anxious, DR KG. THe incoming STAX amp can't be as good as your KGSSHV CARBON
  14. I know why I'm getting older and older, but I don't know why I'm fatter and fatter. I'm already 250 lb, and my height is 1.67m. I want to buy a bicycle, do I need a big one? How big do I need? Should I wear something to protect my head? It's bold, and smooth, I think it helps the air flowing during high speed. But I doubt I could make the bike running at that kinds of speed.
  15. How about HE1000 V1 vs V2? oh and Sony MDR-Z1R. Inform him to test THD+N, not THD. The rest is not needed. MR. Tyll Hertsens has tested with his own AP unit. HE1000 V1 vs V2 must measure under the same condition
  16. In Netherland there's not much people interested in headphones, but thank god, I've found three persons in my building and I successfully persuaded them to build the 8 EML tubes fully dc coupled DHT amp. They're speaker guys, anyway since their children are too young and the wives want to keep the family quiet, they agreed to try headphones. We will do it toghter, one person alone couldn't afford it. We want to build it, yes, 120% sure
  17. @JoaMat Is it possible to use GGDHT as the dirver board plus the nanotube output board? @kevin gilmore I've read that solid state amps including solid state electrostatics amps has their lowest distortion only at about 80% of their max output level (THD+N vs power level graph) but when we turn the volume to let them achieve 80% of max output level our ears are already bleeding Does that mean GGDHT running at 20ma has lower distortion than KGSSHV Carbon running at 20ma at normal listening level (ie. small level)?
  18. which has best common mode rejection, the older one http://gilmore.chem.northwestern.edu/boards/balancedinput4mba.zip the newer through hole one, or the newer SMD one?
  19. In order to achieve 100w pure class a (or even 120w or 150w class a, these require higher voltage than +/-40v, maybe 50/60/70, well 70 is too much) how many of the bias current should we set, is 70ma ok? +/-40v could maximally provides 100w class a, stereo balanced needs 18 pairs of output transistors per channel, and 100w needs 2.5A current at least, 2500/36 = 69.4ma per transistor
  20. Trying to power up a laptop, a bit silly though. laptops always using SMPS Any plan to release a active crossover board (analog active), three-way, or four way, with discrete stuff? For diyers who are messing with diy speakers, that would be a great news. Many active crossover boards on the Internet sounds like ****, contain tons of op amps, disappointed
  21. Don't understand the resistors in the electrostatics amps, since the PSU boards and amp boards are high voltage, when we choose resistors, is the Voltage Rating should at least be 100V? any special requirement on this?
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