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  1. Since this is probably the first thing I will try from the group buy I wondered about the transformer and the VA. Looking at the input ac like this would couple 2 cheap transformers work? The +-15 is from a GRLV or something I guess or would a LM317+LM337 do the job?
  2. Got mine today. Big Sticker "exempt from customs" @sbelyo so no worries Thanks will have fun with these.
  3. I actually had the luxury of playing with these for a couple of hours in a Head-Fi meet and a couple months later at CanJam Europe where he brought different impedance versions. They actually do sound really good compared them to HD800S, Focal Utopia and the old K1000. Very very fast and I was looking forward to them. But that price shocked me a little.
  4. Would the GRHV be appropriate for a 12ax7 + 6V6 play thingy or is it overkill or the wrong purpose altogether? I am playing around with some tube preamps but in a low voltage scenario at the moment since I don't have a high voltage power source currently.
  5. I can't decide... go the extra mile and make a soekris+xmos build or get a DSD dac from ebay. Running the Dynalo mk2 with a DragonFlyBlack for a while now.
  6. Rectified I get ~24 . The load is a Dynalo Mk2 not sure how much it pulls and the amp is at work. Need to take it home for deeper analysis. Will take it home and follow up. Edit: Fixed it was the Voltage Reference. Followed the voltage through the whole board to find that it's not doing it what it should.
  7. For some reason, the Positive Rail starts giving out 22.4 while the negative is still at -20 stable. The LED next to the MJF15030 only lights up very shortly when I switch it on and stays off after that. Are there any subjects I should check?
  8. With much less to drop the MJW's are a lot cooler as well. And the transformer was not even warm to the touch. Thanks guys. So much more to learn
  9. Ah ok, thanks. Interesting so with the 18vac I will get 25.4vdc need to drop the rest and have enough current left. Dynalo Mk2
  10. For some reason, my transformer just died. I had a 230v/2x24v with 50VA it get's a little warm but that's it normally. I use it to power a 20V GRLV for a Susy. was that too much for it? I was sure that would be enough.
  11. I had a small breakdown yesterday. LP helped me through some teenage drugs problems I had. Fucking hurts like hell even after so many years. I like to believe that I would be different today had he not shared his own pain through their music.
  12. Ah is there something I did wrong or is bad I also measured relative to ground as well.
  13. I run 20v with 270R right now giving me 15ma sounds about right. This weekend is a long weekend here so I will get to compare more. I was going to get a case first but that seems to take longer than expected. I looked around and will be going for this case. http://www.fischerelektronik.de/web_fischer/en_GB/cases/M1.01_M1.04/Shell-%2C extruded assembled cases%2C desk consoles and Euro cases/PR/G100/$productCard/parameters/index.xhtml I sent them the design and measurements and it comes down to about 60 for a case. Is that a good price? I never ordered custom cases. Dimension W 250mm*H 70mm*D 220mm.
  14. masamoto

    Stax SR-40

    makes me regret not getting a Current Feedback Amp set in the last GB.
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