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  1. Has any one seen a Stax SRM-1/MK2 like this before?
  2. Hi Our Man in Paris Thanks for that info, and that is a very good analogy of cameras.
  3. Just dropped to best price yet, $249.99. Well worth that price
  4. Has anyone used the Sigma headphones for listening to pop/rock or blues? If so how do they handle that type of music?
  5. Any one have any experience with ES Labs Sigma headphones?
  6. Has any one purchased one of these? If so what are your impressions?
  7. Bad news, Monoprice raised the price back up to $629. To much in my mind.
  8. Well it arrived yesterday. I have a ground hum issue, my house unfortunately only has 2 prong no ground. I am going to run a ground cable out the window and try and see if that works. Low bias works ok, as does the pro.
  9. Just purchased a Stax SRM-1/MK-2 amp, with one side converted to a pro bias out put. Seller say's everything is working ok, just a worn looking case. I hope I like it with my SRX-3 MK III normal bias headphones.
  10. Sop Spritzer, that divider could take it down to 300 V?
  11. Has anyone actually verified the Bias out of the E90? Some say it is only 300 V versus some saying 600 V (which is what is stated by Koss).
  12. I have been using the Monoprice Electrostatic headphones with the adapter I purchased from Spritzer. I am using it with my SRD-7, which is being fed by my trusty old Golden Tube SE40 and sounds very good this way. Very smooth and more bass than with the little amp it came with.
  13. I have a stand alone Koss E90 box and a Stax SRD-7 transformer box. I am just curious which one every one prefers and why? iFi has their eESL trans former box, which is as about as universal as one can get, and there is of course used Stax transformer boxes. There is also a plethora of electrostatic amps, stax, Woo, Mjolner and so on. Just curious as to what every one likes for their Stax or other electrostatic headphones.
  14. For those who might be interested in these headphones Monoprice has them on sale for $294. At this price they are a steal.
  15. In my thinking, headphones and their related accessories are really the last of high end audio. Most people do not want to deal with home audio unless they are using it as home theater. Audiophiles for the most part are a vanishing breed. Headphones seem to be the final hi end audio that average people can afford and would want. People use headphones at work, idle time waiting for events, and to listen when they need them to keep a quiet environment for others.
  16. Spritzer, you made a Stax adapter for this headphone. Is there any way I could purchase one of these from you? If not could you share the Monoprice pin out so I could make my own? These are a decent set of cans, but I think a Stax amp would improve them a lot.
  17. Well I pulled out my Stax SR-X Mk III today. I tried doing a light hot air blow on the right speaker, and it seems to have helped balance it out. Right now I am playing the MFSL Gold Disc of Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon and it is so far sounding very good.
  18. I have a pair of Stax SR-X3 Mark III and the associated transformer box. I was just wondering if the Monoprice would equal or better the Stax. I do have a question about my Stax, the right channel is lower in volume than the left. Should I be wondering if it is the Headphones or the SRD box needs serviced?
  19. Ok, so are the Monoprice electrostatic headphones any good or not? Can an adapter be made to use them on a Stax amp? The phones them self, are they capable of good sound or just a cheap static piece of junk?
  20. Very interesting. I was almost sure that these were made by KingSound.
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