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  1. Thanks for doing another round, I plan on getting at least 4 x GRLV6 combined boards.
  2. Thanks, I'm going to get the LT1021-10 and just leave that component out of the mouser project list.
  3. I was creating a Mouser parts order to go with the GRLV6 board that was in the recent group buy thread and I was hoping someone could check through it for me. It doesn't have all the terminal blocks etc but I think it has most of what is needed to populate the board. Please let me know if you see something wrong with it. https://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?State=EDIT&ProjectGUID=093d8820-8d94-4ded-98e3-f79c119a070b It's missing the voltage reference since I couldn't find the LT1021-10 on Mouser. Would it be fine to substitute this TI voltage reference to make
  4. PS: I'm not really sure what the B22 can handle if that's going to be the amplifier. The KEF stuff isn't very efficient.
  5. I've always wanted to use the Silverline Audio Minuet for a desktop setup but the used value is too high for the most part. If you could find a good deal they could work out well. I've also thought about the older KEF monitors. I've always wanted to hear them and there are multiple models that I think would work in a desktop configuration. KEF Model 102 Reference Speakers - eBay (item 260694003704 end time Jan-15-11 10:53:49 PST) That's not a great deal per se but good deals on KEF items seem to come up pretty frequently.
  6. Amphion Helium2s. Just got them yesterday and I'm looking for ~3 inch stands for the desktop.
  7. In case it wasn't clear, he doesn't think that the design of the amp (whatever that entails) is too standardized to be the major factor.
  8. "There is no innovation in stereo amp design in a sense that there isn't any room for it, its based on an hi quality op amp chip that takes and input signal and outputs an amplified signal, the basic formula is still the same in every amp the difference is the ratio of resistors and caps and inductors used (value ratio which influences RC and LC constants in the cir), quality of components and the op amp chip" That is a quote from a local friend. We were discussing the Eico HF-81. He basically doesn't understand how an amp with bad measurements could sound good. Basically, what is truly
  9. Spikes have made a big difference on carpet for me with both my Hales and my Castle floorstanders. What about something that's not threaded? Link Would something like that (not necessarily wood) with sorbothane pads on top work? edit: If you're needing to use the threading to adjust the height of the four corners of the speakers then this won't work.
  10. Ah that is the absolute best version of the PS3. BTW - PS3 Media Server lets you stream FLAC to the PS3 as well. I'm not sure about the how of it though so I don't know if it's degrading it.
  11. Use PS3 Media Server (if you're streaming from PC; if you have songs on the hdd then I'm not sure (move them )). The program shows up in the main list under Video, Audio, etc. You select it and it takes you into whatever folder structure you have setup on the PC. Perfect as long as you keep your folders organized like I do. It has really good codec support too... better than any other software I've tried. edit: Only problem I've run into is that it has to buffer each song before it plays. I usually have a 2 or 3 second gap between songs. So, no gapless playback. It might be better if you
  12. Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy This song is way too good.
  13. Definitely get the i7 920 instead of the 950. Also, that video card definitely is overkill. It's great, but you could get a Radeon 4870 and it would STILL be overkill while costing $200 less. Make sure the video card will fit in your case. edit: sweet deal btw - http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0302727
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