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  1. Been looking at the seamaster bullhead recently. The silver dial is really nice imo. Probably need to wait until Xmas though. It's either that or the tt speedy mkii. I don't have a chrono in my collection atm. Not that I time anything regularly, the only use my dive bezels get is when I need to time circ arrest cases. Actually did that on Saturday for the first time in a month.
  2. Yea it is, my favorite version is the white gold with ivory dial and blue hands and indicies.
  3. Huh I will have to look at if I can get anything from bcbs. I just double fist it sometimes.
  4. While I have a smart watch that I use as a wallet and cellphone. The fitness tracker and sleep stuff i never got into. I didn't see it as actionable data. Been waring my 300m all week, at the pool now. My planet ocean had duty last week in Baja.
  5. At Cabo San Lucas. Picture is of lands end, the name is literal. That is where the Baja peninsula ends and the sea of Cortez meets the pacific ocean. Getting away from those areas is a must though. The other best thing besides the ocean. El pastor.
  6. Should fit the bill. Has a nice color to the dial.
  7. -sigh- I used to be able to dress well. Then I had kids, they are dirty beasts who insist on crawling all over you. Still keep up with the lifting though so once they are old enough I should still fit into everything.
  8. Much safer game! For the watch and player
  9. Not sure how the current one would stand up to the shock and impacts from polo. The 1931 is my favorite version of it. Pure simplicity.
  10. So down in Cabo. No rolex sports, fuck unless you want an ugly dial tt date just you are out of luck, no other rolex. They also at the same AD there was a rose type XXII on the rose bracelet. I love that, unfortunately the wife doesn't love me that much..
  11. that's cool. i wasnt aware he did anything like that. he stayed almost entirely out of public anything. So platinum w. 321 anniversary addition. Hopefully next year a non precious metal moon watch will show up with the 321.
  12. The vintage look with a strap is quite nice. Btw no special addition announcement today? I guess they are calling it by GMT so maybe tomorrow.
  13. That's cool, I had no idea they did that, totally makes sense.
  14. The new Santos comes with both the bracelet and the leather strap. Even if you never use it the bracelet is astonishing.
  15. Two quality non round watches there ^^
  16. The little touch of cyan on the OP also sets it off imo. I love that combination on the OP and yacht master.
  17. Perusing audio forums like this and watching the common sense so many display. I think it should be no surprise that a large percentage of people do not.
  18. What I see people do wrong with straps is when buckling and unbuckling bending the strap way back over the pin buckle and I also see people kink the strap up in a loop while feeding it into and out of the minder. The pin buckle is free to rotate up and down while not putting any stress on the strap. The correct way to get it on and off is to take advantage of this while working the pin with your finger. The second minder loop slides.. so slide it. That helps a bunch with getting the strap through the first without bending it severely. Not doing this leads to wearing and cracking on the strap. Taking these precautions and oiling/waxing a strap will lead to them lasting much longer while looking great. This is especially important if you have a strap made of vintage leather.
  19. Relative but pulling hard on a strap wears it. Especially on some exotic leathers or vintage leather it can wear quick. I have a pam strap with waxed leather from roughly 110 years ago. I am super careful how I take it on and off.
  20. https://dangerous9straps.com/ used to have a video somewhere on how to work a pin buckle while bending the strap as little as possible. Most people opt to kink the thing severely. IDK why.
  21. You can open pin buckles without putting much stress on the strap ifyou have the proper technique.
  22. Yea those anchoring points in the clasp don't count. Watch companies have been doing that for 50 years. Two most annoying things for me are: 1. Tudor gives you a micro adjust in almost everything. 2. Rolex actually has IMO by a wide margin the best micro adjust out there.. but they only put it on the DSSD and new sea dweller 43(I think) I loved it on my DSSD, adjust at any time with out taking the watch off and a long range of adjustment.
  23. Yea I hear that.. to bad Rolex are such cheap asses and are unwilling to put a micro adjust on anything other than a sub or seadweller. Solid platinum Daytona with diamonds? nope, FU, you only get ez link.
  24. Big blue at tahoe. Apt I would say.
  25. Yea, I know rolex tests all watches to 125% of the rating. Idk if any third party has ever tested them to failure just to see how far they will go?
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