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  1. still working on getting the camera mount sorted for the Can-Am but this is working reasonably well.
  2. That's a fucking sexy red speaker. End of my 5th week back lifting after 3 months off, finally starting to feel decent again. Down 10lbs, more full / solid through the back and shoulders. Need to drop another 5lbs and fill out my chest. Will never be cut, I like beer too much!
  3. I must have missed something ^^
  4. I have never seen one in white. That is a super clean look.
  5. Gyms here finally opened on Monday. I had cases everyday until today so I'm finally back after 3 months. Peak strength is not as bad as I would have thought but rep to rep and set to set endurance is a real struggle. Was really hoping that it would be less busy because people would be scared to come in.. Noop, so much Noop on that. Just as many as assholes in here at 1030am as pre covid. Now the 2 to 3 month grind to recover losses begins.
  6. Yea that is the thing about classics it is hard to devote the time needed to complete them unless that is your main passion. One of the people I work with has a red beetle from the 70s but cant recall the year. He really enjoys it. He bought it fully restored though. With all the shit he has to deal with now way he could do it himself. A friend in chicago used to have a 2cv, fuck he probably still has it but he moved to Scottsdale AZ. I love the cars from those times but I know I just am not the right person to have them.
  7. Retro indeed! The moon watch is the VW Beetle of watches. Pretty much the same for crazy life time of production. The VW made it to 3/4 of a century. I think the moon watch will do a bit better on that! One of these days i will pick one up. I really loved the 40th and the reissue of the Apollo 11.
  8. The road biking is very popular in Reno. We have elevation and a lot of nice places for riding. It is not for me though, I will stick to things with motors. We actually cooled of here today and will still only be in the 70s tomorrow so back out onto the dirt bike. I don't know why I ride this trail. I wouldn't call it fun, but you do feel accomplished when you complete it.
  9. Yea I would normally spend July in Phoenix AZ with my grandparents as a kid. Everyone in AZ would try and sell you that "dry heat" line of BS. Funny how you never saw any of them outside until ~620PM when it started to cool down. Boating and pools aside obviously. We don't get to Phoenix valley levels of absolute temps here in Reno NV but when I am out on my dirt bike doing the slow technical trails with no wind because they are generally in ravines, that "dry heat" means typically blue skies and the sun is RELENTLESS.
  10. I'm a big fan of the use of tritium on ball and a few other brands. So long as the lugs don't exceed the width of your wrist sizing is good imo.
  11. Two bucket method of water change out for custom pc liquid cooling. Extra 50 in 2 sets of qdcs, tubing, 2 connectors and 2 buckets. Cuts time down to less than 5 minutes and doesn't put any air in the circuit, so no de-airing needed.
  12. Far too hung over for the dirt bike, so taking the car over the pass to Tahoe seemed like a great way to kill time. The whole mask thing didn't seem too popular up at incline village. I was really surprised.
  13. I really hate changing tires on my dirt bike. I road this thing do death. It's the same type of tire.
  14. When on call and doing water sports the smart watch works much better than a cellphone. Also for other things like trials I like it more than putting the phone in an arm band simply because I can look down and see if it's a call I can ignore. The water park and many of the places around the lake also take nfc payments so no wallet needed either. Depending on the activity I am not above double fisting it.
  15. There has been some really interesting progress made in solid state batteries recently. It won't be a week of run time but the next generation of smart devices could have run time measured in days.
  16. One more, the sweet spot is always "one more" Moving targets are the most fun! I have a great amount of respect for smart watches imo they are the modern descendents of the tool watches from back in the day. That my galaxy watch has a cellular modem in it and I can take calls makes it so I can do some things when I'm on call I couldn't without a smart watch.
  17. I wear a similar gshock to that when riding my dirt bike and when in my can-am. Both activities cause quite a bit of shock and vibration. Very happy with it those applications. Also shooting and a few other things.
  18. Off call so I had to go out and do something before we are slammed in the coming weeks. Road a creak for about 100 yards before my motivation reached its limit. After than I moved on to some easy flowing single track.
  19. Stopping.. Let's not be crazy! Indulge! Fuck moderation, when has that ever led to fun.
  20. "serious watch" is a bit of a non sense way of looking at it. That's generally a term applied to the first watch someone has bought with thought and effort put into the purchase. For different people that can be vastly different brands. As long as the purchase has meaning to you don't worry about it.
  21. Lots of shooting going on in the mountains here. I bought a KSG because I found it to be interesting and looked very functional. No issues with it but I wouldn't call it smooth, if you don't mind working no feeding issues. I will probably also pick up the iwi ts12 because why not! Also I love the concept and IWI.
  22. Social distancing. My favorite kind of person to person interaction. Stay at least 1 mile away from me, preferably on the other side of a mountain. Found out just how shit my conditioning is right now too..
  23. It's such a shame this year looked like it was going to be so interesting.
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