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  1. Scgorg

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Looking at Danish trustpilot they seem to be legitimate. I believe I know people who have ordered from their Norwegian branch and got their products as advertised. If we assume their feedback on trustpilot is legitimate then the only thing a few people have been complaining about is somewhat slow delivery. Take it all with a grain of salt of course, I have no first hand experience with them, but they do have a physical store it seems. Edit: Veterans on a Norwegian Hifi-forum attest to the store's credibility, I'm inclined to believe it is real.
  2. Scgorg

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Calling it a review is probably a stretch, advertisement is probably closer to the truth.
  3. Scgorg

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    Currently sourcing parts for a KGSSHV, using a BOM I got from spritzer (don't know who made it). Have been able to find most stuff, my main problem is the 130V zener (625-Z4KE130-E3 on mouser), the 3N254-E4/51 (currently EOL and minimum order of 120, which is more than I'll need in a lifetime probably), and the 1000pf/1000V cap. I found the 562R10TSD10 as a possible replacement for the cap, would that one be fine? For the 2 others I can't find anything that looks like a good replacement. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Scgorg

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Today I found out that my watermelon head does not fit in the l300 headband, the headband is simply not wide enough. I know the l700 headband is generally larger but how much wider is it? I really like how the headphone sounds but good grief is the headband a pain.
  5. Scgorg

    The Headcase Stax thread

    Thank you very much, both of you! Looks like I'll end up as the owner of some L300L's
  6. Scgorg

    The Headcase Stax thread

    I've been able to find a pair of L300L's for a good price and I am very tempted to buy it, but looking at measurements of the most recent lambda series it seems that they all roll off to some extent in the bass. Another comment I found said that this was due to the new pads mounting mechanism which makes the headphone ported/unsealed by default, I can't attest to this comment's legitimacy, but it left me with some questions. 1: Do the L300/500/700/300L roll off in the bass with stock pads? 2: If they do, and if this is indeed due to the new pads, would using the adhesive attached 507 pads work for creating the proper seal? 3: Others say that the lambda series only rolls off with improper seal. If so, is there any trick to creating a good seal on your head? It's crazy hard to find any information about stax headphones that is actually consistent, but you stax aficionados are probably the best bet.
  7. Do you have a target price for it yet?