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  1. Steve, just saying, I had a really excellent shawarma at Splitrock in Fairfax while drinking beer with Al today and highly recommend you direct $12 of your stimmy windfall that way. Get the lamb.
  2. A little late with this one but I admired him as a fellow countryman and was lucky to meet once in person in London. He was very gracious and genuine. Obituary: Sir Antony Sher, a giant of the stage https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-58601697
  3. I may have eaten a little too much pie.
  4. Still clunking along on my 2014 27" iMac, which can't run any new versions of MacOS going forward. Pretty sure there will be a M1-powered iMac Pro along in the Spring next year, but I'm kinda tempted by the additional flexibility of a MacBook Pro + external monitor, even if I'd be using the laptop docked like 80+ percent of the time. And I could get that right naow, which is always better than waiting to be gratified. OTOH, I've been an iMac guy since the G4 lamp days and change is scary ...
  5. This would not make it past the legal department anymore.
  6. Sorry Todd. Families are complex. RIP Ann and my condolences to your dad.
  7. Their new album is out next week. And any of the Marin contingent will recognize these landscapes.
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