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  1. And if you can't hear that, you should hang up the cans for good cloth ears.
  2. Congrat mate buddy. Nice one! Yee haa!
  3. Feel the same way about akvavit!
  4. Sea Girls. Really liked their first album a couple of years ago. This is a single from the upcoming second.
  5. Used to bartend in this really unexciting motel while in college and there were a few random CDs behind the counter that we would of necessity play over and over. This, oddly enough, was one and I still love it.
  6. The reviews on the new new Studio Display are ... not great. It's the same panel that's in my 2014 5K iMac? That's very incremental progress.
  7. Now give unto me a new iMac Pro with a 32" 120Hz 7K panel, the same camera and speakers as the Studio Display and an M1 Ultra inside. Pretty please.
  8. Happy Birthday Mr. DIY Drydock!
  9. Happy Birthday Craig! Brittania waives the rules!
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