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  1. Happy Birthday Al. Dog walk tomorrow to keep you limber?
  2. Occasionally, I wish I believed in Hell.
  3. Loved their first album, which was very 80s/90s pop. This one seems to have jumped forward 20 years or so. Pastiche? They do it well and I enjoy it so who cares ...
  4. Indie folk about a rough breakup in the middle of a pandemic. If you're in that kind of mood.
  5. I thought this coda was quite interesting on how the musical income model is changing.
  6. No idea if this is of interest here but I support Lloyd Cole on Patreon because he's one of my favorite artists and he recently posted this about his home setup. (Think we used to have a Home Studio Porn thread but not sure if it survived the great Reks nuking?)
  7. Happy Birthday, as usual!
  8. Franklin BBQ method. Two hours rubbed and naked at 275 then about the same spritzed, sauced and wrapped. Turned out well -- the family killed two racks and asked if there was any more.
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