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  1. Flock of Seagulls? hahaha..... WHATS UP BIG AL?????
  2. To me, fitting is all about comfort..everyone has their formulas they use...none of which means anything unless youre comfortable. At first, people will start off with a more up right position...have the stem flipped up and have the hoods higher..once you get a better core, you can stretch yourself out, get more Aero. I know its tough to watch these guys riding the in the tour and all...but these guys have YEARS in the saddle...yes, their seat it 4 inches above their handle bars, but can we do that? I cant...thats for sure... Just ride...standing up, sitting down, RIDE... cept road...man road is boring to me...sorry...i did try it though, i did it for a few months....i was just WISHING for a jump, some dirt, and some more jumps.
  3. http://www.nashbar.com/bikes/ProductDisplay?storeId=10053&langId=-1&catalogId=10052&productId=184017&utm_source=Google_Product_Search&utm_medium=pla&utm_campaign=datafeed&cm_mmc=Google_Product_Search-_-PLA-_-Datafeed-_-Park%20Tool%20GSC-1C%20Gear%20Clean%20Brush&CAWELAID=1011846488&catargetid=1572651282&cadevice=c&cagpspn=pla Prob the most used cleaning brush i own. I buy 2-3 of them and use them all over...have one for my chain/cass, have a clean one i use for the tight spots and a extra clean, unused one in case one fails. Worth every penny.
  4. Topeak is a great bag. I've used a few and the Topeak has lasted the longest. I don't use a camalbak much so I needed a large size. I still do carry an extra water bottle in my jersey back pocket. I hardly ever use it. Normally just keep it around with some water in it to wash off cuts or scraps. I have A LOT packed into it and its still pretty tight against my seat. The other bags I've had always bounced and made noise. Pretty annoying.
  5. ill let you ride my c'dale if you want nummy, see if you like it. I can get you a deal on a bike when you are ready.
  6. topeak large http://www.topeak.com/products/bags/AeroWedgePack_large_velcro its holds EVERYTHING...extra tube, hand pump, large multi tool, tire levers, patch kits, first aid kit, my phone, my keys and my MTB card/ID/medical crap. Sometimes i use a small bento bag i use to put a snack/gels in. . MTB in florida isnt really like normal mountain biking...for us its more trail riding than anything. Its all really tight turns/switch backs...a lot of coral rock (which caused my flat), really sugary sand in some places. However, its challenging...our parks are not HUGE like national parks, so they have to make do with very little space. With that space they came up with some pretty sick stuff. Anytime you guys are ready...ill go out with you and show you around, even if you dont think you can do better than brent =) Its all good...just stay on the trail and you wont get lost.
  7. I think we need to pad brent up for next time....
  8. Just no dropping beer bottles off the balcony......hahah
  9. Very happy birthday to big wurm. RIP my friend.
  10. hahaha....thanks guys =) been wokring, busy riding and racing =0
  11. Happy birthday to one of the nicest HC/HFier in the world. WOOT enjoy the day Big Al!
  12. had a great time guys, was great seeing you all. Im beat....sooo tired, but i gotta finish up some stuff....going to hit the sack soon. Thanks for a great weekend.
  13. BTW brent, dont tag me in any photos this weekend...my work thinks im going to disney with my family for the holidays =) only way i could get off.
  14. WTF dan? you not coming? thats horse shit!! If im working all night and still coming, your ass better be on a plane....or we going to sacrifice CJ to appease the GODS.
  15. arg, working till 7am tomorrow morning. Prob go home and lay down for a few hours, head out around 9-10.
  16. most likely going to be up saturday morning and leave sunday sometime. I havent got ok yet for the time off, so i have to wait and see.
  17. hmm, dam...i might be able to jump in, will have to check to make sure i have funds to stay friday and sat...might not get the time off though.
  18. BIG AL!!!!!! You coming man? get your ass in the chat room, hurry...gotta leave work in like 10mins
  19. ok, like last time? come home sunday afternoon? i need a room if someone has space, or if you want to share a room mikey...i might drive up saturday morning. are you going to come up there and leave for gville and come back? or you going up to gville first and meeting us after?
  20. bah, but no one to ride with.....booo....when are you leaving for Gville?
  21. aww man, mikey not going to make it? I might not make it without mikey mike....
  22. i was lead to believe there we be punch and pie?
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