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  1. I'm not opposed to a redraft today or tomorrow.
  2. If I remember correctly though, last year the same order applied for round 1 and 2. Round 2+ was snake format. I don't know how this will work this year.
  3. I liked the Blair Athol. Although I haven't had it, K&L has an IB Balvenie 24 yr on sale and I've never been disappointed by an IB Balvenie (small sample size of 3 bottles and 1 sample).
  4. I prefer drafting as late as possible on a weekday maybe 10PM EST? Or any time on a weekend.
  5. I have had bad luck with Toshiba. Every laptop of theirs I've had experience with has been at worst, complete dogshit and at best, subpar in its category. Dell is decent recently with their XPS lineup. Lenovo T and X series laptops are usually good quality but can be annoying with spyware and bloated software suite. I actually like the Microsoft Store quite a bit for laptops. Although they can be overpriced, I like the clean installs of the signature editions and overall, they have good tech support.
  6. Nate, if you need portability+gaming but not both at the same time, I think the razer blade stealth + core is where it's at right now.
  7. I run FreeNAS on a TS140 and it works well for me. I run usenet stuff, Plex transcoding, Murmur server, and a few other custom scripts. There is a bit of a learning curve but it is very configurable. Expect 10-20 hours of learning. Or spend the extra money and get a Synology. It is much easier to learn but you sacrifice a lot of power. If you plan on only using it as a fileserver, the Synology should be fine. If you want to run anything else such as Plex transcoding, then you need the power from the Xeon. Regarding Synology vs. Qnap, I would stick with Synology because the ecosystem is seeing faster development due to larger user base.
  8. Felt bad for the whole situation. Glad you got a good one in Rawls.
  9. I'll switch it over once I move to the new house. Too lazy to do it now. Thanks for the firsthand experience.
  10. Sickrage is running fine and I'm too lazy to switch. You running Sonarr?
  11. I'm running FreeNAS because I need a lot of flexibility running SABNZBD w/ Headphones, CP, Mylar, and Sickrage, Plex, Kodi, Murmur, owncloud, security camera, home automation, 16TB, etc etc but I'd not suggest it if you are new to Linux/Unix. I almost pulled my hair out getting all of that to work because jails and permissions are a bitch to work out. That being said, Synology is essentially the same without all of the hassle (albeit much more $$) and without hardware options (no Xeon etc). I would recommend that if you don't need anything really complex but still want some basic features like Plex (don't expect 1080p transcoding on Synology) or Kodi, Synology would be fine. If you don't need any advanced features then I don't think it matters what you get. Drobo should be fine.
  12. Are we doing auction or snake draft this year?
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