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  1. You need some Stax cables made by alo.
  2. Hatfield and the North Gong- Angel's Egg National Health- Of Queues and Cures
  3. I put some more padding on the head band and it is much better, thanks. I lost some of the seal and hopefully it does not try to bite someone's linus off.
  4. After listening to 340's for about 30 minutes the top part of my right ear begins to hurt then it becomes unbearable, I also feel the clamp is too strong on my head. I changed the elastics that did not help, I took off the plastic part and just hooked the elastics over the part of plastic used to go over and that did not really work. These have the velour pads and I have a big noggin. I am probably going to try different pads but wondered if any one had any suggestions before going this route or should I just cut the tops of my ears off?
  5. Artist: Company FLow (EL-P) Album: Funcrusher PLus Song: "The Fire In Which You Burn" Lyric: Even when I say nothing it's a beautiful use of negative space
  6. It was a 24/192 and retailed for 6200$ is this the one? What is the lowest price (used) for the 2 now?
  7. Thanks, meant cd player saw Capitole once on HF for 2350 all the price on agon are around double that.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Beta is out of reach right now :'( any other suggestions no love for the headroom,CK? budget around 1000$) Pars if you do get around to it would you be interested in building me one?
  9. Is it still possible to get a Dynahi built and if so how much would it cost? Or would it be wiser to just get a headroom desktop with max modules?
  10. What about the used route (melos, meier, etc)?
  11. Anyone heard the new Lunchbox with K340's?
  12. Knuckledragger, you only live 20 minutes from greenfield and you have a TakeT how do you like it and I only live one and half hours from greenfield thats right just one and a half hours
  13. stax sigs and t1 on ebay now, tried to post link did not work on previous post. Soccer ball and serious reserve.
  14. Jus saw these http://cgi.ebay.com/STAX-EARSPEAKERS-AND-VACUUM-TUBE-DRIVER-USED-VINTAGE_W0QQitemZ200225494569QQihZ010QQcategoryZ3284QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem. No joking around with that reserve.
  15. Yeah GPH just recently discovered this forum and definetly understood and am grateful that it was started. Voltron you know diebenkorn? Monkey what kind of amp are you looking for?
  16. I am getting gph's lambda signatures with SRM-Xh amp. Thanks for replying postjack.
  17. My first pair of Stax are on the there way. What are some of things I need to be aware of as far as dust, plugging them into the wall (power conditioner or not) unplugging them or anything else that might be of use?
  18. Thanks boomana, I am not interested in any of those (studio, engineering) maybe critical listening was not the best words to use, and yes "golden ears" certainly a loaded term, is this http://www.moultonlabs.com/full/product01 (have no association with them). I guess I am just trying to better understand what to pay attention to and to be able to discern differences and enjoy the music more and trying to learn how to do that. Thanks grawk I will check those out.
  19. Hello I was wondering about different methods of how to listen critically. Are books by Alton Everest or the golden ears training cds of any value? I know the listening live maxim but am looking for alternatives and compliments to that way.
  20. I am now the soul possesor of the headphones mentioned a few posts back . Any recommendations for IC's?
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