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    Koss ESP 950, Senn 580 with enigma apex, esw 9, various 340'ss
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    Stax srm mk1/2
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    assemblage dac 2.6, parasound d/ac 1100,
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    pair of Gedlee Nathans and Danley SH 95, SSt Trinaural processor, Onkyo A-9555, dk integrated amp modded by John Tucker

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  1. John from Cincinnati Snuffbox The Fades
  2. http://www.graniterocks.com/GraniteRocksLive/Granite_Rocks_Live.html In Derry, New Hampshire, been tempted to go to check out some stuff but its a little too far for a day trip for me.
  3. I thought the old stuff wasn't very good (but better than the new stuff) and I just recently heard a couple of songs that were older and somewhat heavier than usual (don't know what they were). The singer ruins all of there music for me anyways.
  4. Do you know what the parameters for the WAF (placement size aesthetics)? There are things like under the couch subs (though this might be too much bass). Like the others have pointed out 3 inch seems a little crazy/ridiculus. If you have a a chance I would try to check out folded horn subs, I was amazed at the quality of bass these produced over my ported subs. Some good ideas here (ib, etc) http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/subwoofers/60504-another-small-subwoofer-thread.html
  5. In Connectanut but did not feel but I remember the one Northampton (knuckle might remember this) where I was half asleep and screamed at the people upstairs to shut up
  6. I remember looking for deals on the Vitamix and just gave up (seems like there are none but I may be wrong). Like Salt and Jack it's one of the best purchases I have made.
  7. there is this APL dac http://www.audiogon....DAC-per-channel
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