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  1. So this is the best PS board to date for the Dynalo? >elpac(obviously) the original? sigma22? GS-X mk2 psu?
  2. I was awake and I missed it. There'll be another.
  3. There needs to be, I've never coordinated one, and I'm probably too unknown to be up and doing one , but someone out there, shut up and take my money, please. Like, yesterday.
  4. Is there a market for this style cable? I bought a set of prosinked cables from eric343 years ago, and would love to revive them if they're as fantastic as Dr. Gilmore says. Thoughts?
  5. Anyone familiar with the OneAC brand power conditioners? I've had one for a while now and it seems to do its job.
  6. Whats the word on the availability of these boards? I'd be very interested to purchase two of the latest revision.
  7. See personal custom title..... goo
  9. Ooh, I forgot, i also LOVE a good balsamic Vinagrette.
  10. Well, I surely like them all, but my fave is definitely blue cheese, lately though, I've started liking just a simple olive oil and lemon juice on a salad. How about you guys? -Mag
  11. MagusG

    Head-fi is down?

    I think Jahn started this thread when the withdrawls got rough. -Mag
  12. MagusG

    Foobar 0.9

    Any users? Thoughts? Discussion? -Mag
  13. I would be about 10x more terrified of a bunch of spiders on a plane. Snakes don't bother me. -Mag
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