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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Dexter Gordon - Go is a nice surprise!
  2. Didn't Head-fi start because Headwize went down too? Don't tell me this is the passing of the torch-by-way-of-downs. Honestly I think Head-Case would rather stay lean and oh so meeeaaaannn and can't wait for Head-fi to get back up and running I love you both! Hugs and kisses!
  3. I WAS at the meet! Didn't you see me with the bitchin' ponytail, rockin' the hard spirits and letting it all hang out? but yeah, i'm on baby watch #2 right now so i'm goin' nowhere no how.
  4. going back in time to 2006...actually i'd kinda like that. that Curse thread was getting kinda unwieldy, might be a good excuse to put it to bed, eh? back in 2006 i think it was still the Solo and mebbe I just got my Stax Lambdas.
  5. i ate one, and the day after the health inspectors closed it down. it made me nervous.
  6. the eye of the storm has past. let the madness begin anew.
  7. i think my post count just shrunk to 103 over there
  8. Post

    Uh oh.

    I think this might be it. Network Error (tcp_error) A communication error occurred: "Connection refused" That's the last address that worked at work for head-fi. So uh...what's new here folks?
  9. manley's dad started Ampeg? now that's just coolness.
  10. beware - the 971 does NOT do SACD. my 970 does. however if you're a vid guy, the 971 is better because it has that faroujda thing, the 970 doesn't. dunno anything about the 981.
  11. i only have two complaints about my vinyl rig. 1) it sits on top of my melos, making tubrolling the melos a PITA. 2) my TT doesn't autoreturn the arm, meaning i have to catch the damn thing before it scrapes the label, so i never get to kick back and enjoy - "uh, is this the last tune on this side? how quick can i move to lift the needle before the inevitable?"
  12. whew- it wasn't just me being banned at work again then!
  13. for some reason i was reminded of this baby-
  14. i like everything i own, including the Hornet, i SWEAR.
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