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  1. Yup, I agree too, the Denons and the CD3k do leak about the same amount.
  2. When I owned the CD3000, I found that the sibilance was dependent on the source and amp. The sibilance drove me nuts as I am extremely sensitive to sibilance, however when I switched from the ibasso D1(stupid crap shit) to the pico as source, the sibilance was as good as gone. If your source/amp/recordings has sibilance... then good luck. Well, at least the sibilance on the CD3k is not as bad as the DT990. The DT990 had a metallic~ish sheen to the highs in addition to the sibilance.
  3. I consider myself to have a medium~ish sized head too (around ~23 inches circumference), and I find that there is a slight gap at the top of the earcups. I had to mess around with stuffing the ear pads a little to get a perfect seal. Too much stuffing and I got a cavernous sound, too little and some of the bass impact as well as texture was gone. I messed around with the earpads/headband over the course of a few days and when I finally got the perfect fit, the W5k did sound quite nice indeed.
  4. @Monkey, If you have a medium or small head, then forget about the W5000, they really do sound like crap if you don't get a proper fit/seal. If you're not fond of bending the headband and messing around with stuffing the earpads in various locations to get the best fit, then forget the W5000, it will sound shrieky and kinda hollow with very little bass. If however, you're open to messing around with the fit, you'd be surprised how good the W5k actually is. It has very clean and textured bass (better than a lambda signature, but not as good as the O2mk1 and SC1) and bass impact strong en
  5. Is this gonna make much of a difference? I mean, the ground is tied together anyway in the 1/4 inch jack termination no? If someone was using this balanced then yeah maybe, but single ended would probably make no (audible) difference? Right? Or did I misunderstand the reason for the recall?
  6. ^ I have heard the mini at an audio show (KLIAV 2009) late last year. I remember thinking to myself that if I did own an ipod, that these speakers would make for a nice bedroom rig. These speakers did not suck.
  7. Heh.... yeah, he (Necro guy) was really going all out there. Reminds me of a friend I had back in high school... I don't agree with what Todd did in the end too, it will definitely leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those who waited patiently and played by the rules. Oh well, what's been done is done.
  8. Who was the first guy that you banned Nate?
  9. Well, that "Necrolic" was makings lots of noise. The other guy I think would be AndrewG (I could be wrong, posts were flying by soo fast); I think Todd got pretty pissed off at that guy at one point for calling him "incompetent". All those back and forth bickering were mostly uncalled for. No one was putting a gun to their heads to make them buy the HF2. EDIT: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/6422827-post569.html I hope Todd just ignores them and does not get too worked up over this mess. Oh well, its all been said and done anyway. I'm off to bed.
  10. Yeah, me too. I was on the paypal page already and ready to send the cash, but clicked "cancel" because I think they are all gone now. Oh well. Poor Todd, now he knows the horrors of the Head-Fi mad mob...
  11. Yeah, it was real ugly, Todd is offering a great deal, yet they (especially that Necro guy IIANM) felt the need to constantly bitch and whine. In the end Todd ended up reserving 16 units for some of the annoying posters... Oh well, at least that got them to shut up. Was funny to see how some of them quickly did a face turn after being "selected"...
  12. ^That looks like its lots of fun. Must be terrifying to see the ground approach soo rapidly and then swish right by while being soo close to your face? Would love to try that.
  13. Having breakfast right now; toast bread + butter and sugar, a banana and some hot chocolate. Freaking sugar and butter combo is bloody unhealthy, but tastes soo damn good. Mmmmm...
  14. Thanks. Hmmmm...combining those two would mean... throwing a kitchen sink down from a 710 feet tall bridge? Yeah, sure looked that way. He made it look soo graceful. Mullets rawk! Not that I have one... It was a little terrifying actually. Yeah, seriously, I did in fact spontaneously shout out "FFFFUCKKKKkkkkkk" in utter terror right after leaping off the platform... but then at one point, the wind gushing past my face was soo fast, it just cut off my voice. I guess my face was going all flappy and shit, just like Jeremy Clarkson's face was when he was driving
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