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  1. God, I haven't been here since Christmas and I hit the front page and there's a dildo thread staring me in the face A+
  2. Nothing in return, insisted! If you absolutely can't shake the compulsion, then pay it forward I got in the habit of sending people CDs from amazon while doing my shopping for exchange partners and just went with it - I have a passion for sharing the music I love
  3. yeah, think i'll see them in denver when they get here comedic geniuses
  4. Infected Mushroom back in August of 07.. Finally dragging myself out for live music again to go see Kill The Noise and Treasure Fingers in early January
  5. Luminette

    Diablo 3

    I'm not sure if I will play it or not. I've wanted to for a long time but I dislike a lot of the changes going on - I see it being kiddy'd down (snobby elitist bad-hygiene hardcore gamer) and WoW'd to hell I'm not as pumped about the soundtrack as I'd like to be - the Diablo 2 soundtrack is an amazing set of music and there is a reason it costs $50 to get a copy of it anymore. Unfortunately, the guy who did the Diablo 2 soundtrack - Matt Uelman - stopped working with Blizzard. Blizzard always has and surely still will hire on world-class artists for their games, but Matt was someone special that stands out far beyond all the other Blizzard game music. Still, what I am looking forward to most for both Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 are the soundtracks.
  6. we'll just use this thread for the gift posting stuff Got my stuff taken care of for my hf and hc guy '-'
  7. Nate and Mike didn't originally get each other - I thought Nate was serious when requesting Mike again here - I was just skimming past posts pretty quickly to make sure to not miss requests like that before posting pairs. I haven't been following the other thread over on HF If you guys want to break-up, another pair probably exists that hasn't spoken to each other yet.
  8. Here they are: 6. Grand Enigma 15. deepak 1. manaox2 17. MrSlacker 0. Luminette 11. GPH 16. thrice 4. JBLoudG20 28. VPI 7. postjack 9. riceboy 25. Voltron 27. laxx 24. Blackmore 13. morphsci 20. EdipisReks 22. The Monkey 18. diebenkorn 10. Torpedo 21. guzziguy 29. Duggeh 26. Sherwood 14. en480c4 23. philodox 5. tyrion 12. n_maher 3. LFF 8. hungrych 2. John E Woven 19. boomana If I missed out on any preferences or anything, shoot me a PM please - and someone move this to the OP
  9. Haven't been stalking the thread - I went out to buy some guys vinyl collection as he posted it on craigslist instead of pairings before then I'll do them now
  10. I've got tomorrow off, I'll put together most if not all of the pairings then - lists are still open until the end of this Saturday
  11. imo the upgrades hardly do much - a/b'd with a maxed out version and while a difference is there, mostly in high extension, it is so very minimal the idea of paying that much more is ultra silly
  12. Devin Townsend's stuff, in general, and definitely around the Terria album.. Starts off playing some of that delicious tonality.. more of it at some point in that vid or the second part of it
  13. Yeah I had you added on that last list but it was an edit, after a mod updated the original post - you'll get picked up in the next revision Sorry
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