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  1. I rarely watch TV, but my roommates watch it a lot so we still have it along with cable. The internet, though...
  2. Which nomination particularly bothers you? Despite his dumping on me in a way that I haven't felt is particularly fair (though I've tried to just let it go and not even get in an argument here over it), I can at least see people nominating immt due to his help on the international meet.
  3. Hmm, what sort of sound do you like?
  4. So we now know what chip is being used in the Tomahawk?
  5. I think he's quoting this pundit: http://jb-williams.com/11-08-06.htm Though, maybe he's JB Williams? I didn't see any cable ads on the page
  6. Incumbency advantage in California gubernatorial elections is generally very high. I did not find it surprising that Schwarzenegger won.
  7. I was thinking MAX4410 as well, though his estimates on battery life would seem to exclude it (420 hours on 2 AAAs!?) unless he means like lithium batteries or something. The largest rechargeables I've seen at places like Thomas are 1000mAh.
  8. Well, if the PCDPs he's selling on head-fi are the same ones he's buying on eBay, then he is selling for substantially more than he is buying them for. As per your definition, it would appear he's making a business about it. It just seems kind of weird that he can be so overt about it while I occasionally see the mods seem to suggest that they don't like when people do this. I'm not entirely thrilled by him doing it, though, as it just keeps up the massive price inflation on these vintage units going. Then again, soaking head-fiers for profit seems like it's OK there or something so long as not too many people complain, so maybe it's just standard fare...I don't know. "Squealing rat bastard", huh? Someone feeling a bit guilty?
  9. Pretty much the only posts I've ever seen from PUGSTUB are him selling off gear, particularly PCDPs, that he seems to acquire from various places (I think at least a few came from eBay). Is that basically OK by head-fi's rules? I'm a bit confused since someone had said once to me that they don't like you making a business selling things on head-fi without being an MoT.
  10. Bah! An offensive statement this is and such one upon which I take offense!
  11. So is he trying to give it to charity so that he can still avoid the legal problems while preventing the non-profit from getting off the ground, then?
  12. That was info Neil/Jude himself disclosed voluntarily, presumably knowing full well it would be publicly accessible. I don't really understand what the commotion is about.
  13. ? Last Edit: Today at 12:30:35 pm by EdipisReks ?
  14. Okay, hopefully I can make it.
  15. Yeah, that sounds like fun.
  16. Filburt

    AKG 701

    I'm really quite happy with my K701s. I actually wish they had _less_ bass, but I can live with the level they have. They don't seem to be getting more bass as I use them more, but I know people insist that they get more as burn-in continues *shrug*. I agree with people who say they're good all-rounder, but I disagree that they don't excel in any way. Between the SA5000, CD3000, K501, and K701 on episiarch's home rig, I thought the 701 excelled in terms of instrument separation while maintaining an involving sound to it with good response across the spectrum. That's really what it's excellence, I've found, is. It combines multiple pleasing qualities into one thing *shrug*. It could stand to excel more in certain areas, but I don't think that means it isn't excelling in other ways. The CD3000 definitely reminded me of my experience with the R10, where I felt like some of my music was getting so 'busy' that I almost felt like I wasn't listening to music and was just lost in some sort of cacaphony. That happened _BIG TIME_ on Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' for me, and I was using the MFSL version which IMHO works *against* this sort of feeling, versus the original. I've also found my PINT drives it really well, for whatever reason.
  17. Have you tried putting an AD8397 in the SM3?
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