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The official Head Case broadcast thread


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Thought of the day:  Mixlr gives me stats on my live broadcasts, and very little else.  I'm kinda curious how many plays my showreels get.  If I were to upgrade my Mixlr plan to $FUCKING_EXPENSIVE_ONE (like $250-500 a year), Mixlr would cheerfully give me stats on my showreel.  I could upload my shows to Mixcloud and get stats on plays there.  That's kind of a PITA and requires a great deal of work (Mixclown wants a setlist for every mix uploaded.)  

I think the answer is what I've been doing: continuing to not GAF.  My biggest weakness in DJing (something I've done for uh, nearly 30 years now) is having zero interest in self promoting.  There's a reason I can't stand most other DJs, and no it's not EDM.  

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It's actually a crop of a really well done SFM render an artist did of "TF2 Engie as Alex Jones"


This is approximately what you should picture when I'm pontificating on the specific differences between the Ultamae, CYAN and Sine Music labels.

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