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The official Head Case broadcast thread


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Maybe it's because I hadn't eaten much in 24 hours, but I hard a crazy idea last night.  Reddit, "The front page of the internet" or whatever they're calling themselves this week have an "RPAN" (Reddit Public Access Network) streaming service ...and it's free to use.  There's even a specific music RPAN subreddit and DJs are specifically allowed.  I want to try it out.  There are some major hurdles:  It's mobile only (ewww) and sessions are limited to 45 minutes unless a viewer gives the streamer an award (silly reddit thing.)  

I can overcome the former by coughing up for some hardware.  Android and iOs can both use class compliant USB audio interfaces.  I'm in the market for one of those anyway (see my story about the power outage and following power surge, above.)  I'd also need a Lightning to USB adapter and a powered USB3 hub.  Depending on the cost of the interface (ranging from oh, $50 to as much as one wants to spend I estimate this harebrained scheme will cost $250-500.  The good news is that I can use the USB audio interface for things besides the iPhone and obviously I will.  I'm also considering getting an Android "set top box."  There's a legion of these things for sale on Amazon.  They're all Chinesium, and range in size of a Mac Mini to a Raspberry Pi.  Many a loaded with crapware and spyware, but some are actually quite good units.  An Android TV box would be a later purchase, something I'd only go after if I had some success on RPAN. 

This nice fella put together a video on how to get good audio in to an iOS device: 

The only part that's unclear to me is if RPAN (and the iPhone in general) can handle stereo.  It'd be a serious bummer if the whole thing was mono only.

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More shows are up.  Mixcloud continues to be a pile of shit, but it works.  Mostly.  15 Feb 2019 is going to be delayed for some time until I sort out an error with the tracklist.  I helpfully wrote "Ennio Morricone - Doricamente (Tommy Hools Remix) somewhere" but never fixed that.  I have to sort out the tracklist before I upload it to Mixcloud, because that's one of their requirements.

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