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Just Got "Last of Us" in the mail...


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Since I live in the orient, where real, legal PS3 games are a thing of the past, I have to order physical games online.  I ordered "Last of Us" on father's day (or to be precise, I ordered it and told my wife that the dog ordered it as a father's day present) and finally got it in.  Open it up, dust off the never-used PS3, and it can't read the disc.  Can't read any other game disc, either.  It just makes the "eject" sound, and fails to initialize.




So I order another drive after wading through a goddamn WaReZ nightmare of finding part numbers and sifting through descriptions of long-since unused parts.  That will be here in another 3 weeks or so.


So hey, if anyone has anything awesome to say about the game, please feel free to post it here and console me.  First world problems are never more keen than when you live in the capital of the 2nd world...

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I did watch Day9's playthrough of it for a bit, and forced myself to stop, because it's one of the few games that I actually do want to play. Still haven't gotten it, though.


It seems like a properly made game. No nonsense, no prepubescent BS, just good story, good characters, and good design decisions all-around. It is completely linear, and I tend to favor open-world games, but for what it is it seems to be about as good as it gets. I just wish it came to PC though, keyboard + mouse > analog stick.

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I have it and played the first 30 minutes or so. Whoa. I haven't had a free weekend to sit down and finish it out yet.


Agree with the above comment RE it coming to PC. It is hard to go back to consoles after spending so much time on PC. 30fps sucks relative to 60.

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