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    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Jack Bogle. Founder of Vanguard and champion of passive, low-cost investing through index funds. As someone whose primary holding is an S&P index fund I am very much firm believer of his and I am thankful for the changes he worked to bring about in the finance industry. From his wikipedia page: Investment philosophy Bogle's innovative idea was creating the world's first index mutual fund in 1975. Bogle's idea was that instead of beating the index and charging high costs, the index fund would mimic the index performance over the long run—thus achieving higher returns with lower costs than the costs associated with actively managed funds. Bogle's idea of index investing offers a clear yet prominent distinction between investment and speculations. The main difference between investment and speculation lies in the time horizon. Investment is concerned with capturing returns on the long-run with lower risk, while speculation is concerned with achieving returns over a short period of time. Bogle believed this is an important analysis to be taken into account as short-term, risky investments have been flooding the financial markets. Bogle is known for his insistence, in numerous media appearances and in writing, on the superiority of index funds over traditional actively managed mutual funds. He contends that it is folly to attempt to pick actively managed mutual funds and expect their performance to beat a low-cost index fund over a long period of time, after accounting for the fees that actively managed funds charge. Bogle argued for an approach to investing defined by simplicity and common sense. Below are his eight basic rules for investors: Select low-cost funds Consider carefully the added costs of advice Do not overrate past fund performance Use past performance to determine consistency and risk Beware of stars (as in, star mutual fund managers) Beware of asset size Don't own too many funds Buy your fund portfolio – and hold it
  2. TMoney

    Happy Birthday, Grahame!

    May the carbonation on your 'usual' be extra-crisp today, young man!
  3. TMoney

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    I think I hit something in a puddle. Changing a tire in the rain is not fun. One of the 5 lugs securing the wheel snapped off when I was removing the flat so had to drop her at the mechanic for them to fix. Oh well. Shit happens.
  4. TMoney

    Kitty Talk

    Adopted this little girl today. She is a 6 year old female. Very sweet but very shy. She was found as a stray but now she’ll have a great home.
  5. TMoney

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    The only wall I support.
  6. TMoney

    HC NBA Ballers

    Because dammit, we need a current NBA thread. It looks like there is going to be a pair of awesome games tonight. I'm really looking forward to seeing how LeBron and Kyrie respond to a little adversity. It is crazy that every singe one of the home teams in round two has already dropped a game at home. If the Cavs go down two games I'm officially worried for them. As for Houston, if they can't beat LAC without CP3 in the lineup then they are toast. Thank god for having a DVR! should be some outstanding games.
  7. TMoney

    HC NBA Ballers

    Wow. 🙄
  8. TMoney

    Happy Birthday, Knuckledragger!

    Happy birthday, KD!
  9. TMoney

    Happy Birthday looser101!

    Happy birthday!
  10. TMoney

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    PJ Harvey - Dry
  11. TMoney

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP Bob Einstein aka Marty Funkhauser from Curb Your Enthusiasm. He was a great comedian and will be missed. 😥 Fuck cancer.
  12. TMoney

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Her best album? I think so!
  13. TMoney

    Get your game on!

    This one is in my top 5 games I've ever played. Game of 2018 for me, narrowly beating out God of War. It isn't like any other game out there. A story-telling masterpiece while also a technical showcase on XBox 1X on a 4k tv. This is what happens when you take one of the world's most successful development teams and give them an unlimited budget and 8 years to perfect things. This level of polish is nearly unheard of from any other developer other than Rockstar. Only real caveat is that it is a very looooong game that doesn't lend itself to 30-60 minute play sessions. This is a world I wanted to get lost in for hours at a time.
  14. TMoney

    What are you reading now?

    ^ One of my favorites. Tuchman is a brilliant historian. I’m reading Stilwell in China right now, myself.
  15. TMoney

    Merry Birthday Blessingx!

    Happy birthday, Ric! Sorry I missed you Saturday!
  16. TMoney

    Linkwitz Labs LX Mini

    After years of seeing Siegfried Linkwitz and his awesome creations at burning amp I'm seriously considering setting up a LXmini + 2 setup for my small apartment. http://linkwitzlab.com/LXmini/LXmini+2.htm The prices on both the kits and the pre-built models seem pretty reasonable. SL seems very bright, plus he is a local here in Marin County. I'm thinking of asking him if I can come by his house and have a listen. Does anyone here have any experience with Linkwitz's stuff? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  17. TMoney

    Happy Birthday Guzziguy

    Have a wonderful birthday, Ken!
  18. TMoney

    What are you listening to Part the Third

    Doolittle 25: B-Sides, Peel Sessions And Demos The demos are raw, unpolished, and sublime!
  19. TMoney

    Top Gear

    That sounds like the kind of thing one might discuss on.... Conversation Street!
  20. TMoney

    RIP some fuck or another

    RIP, George. Clearly a very principled man who did what he thought was right. He brought dignity to the office. I’m not so sure history will judge him kindly. Reading the NYT obit I was stunned by some of his actions. The world was a different place in the 90s, but while some help progress, others stand in its way. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/30/us/politics/george-hw-bush-dies.html
  21. TMoney

    Happy Birthday Bryan!

    Happy birthday, Bryan!
  22. TMoney

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    My favorite holiday of the year, happy thanksgiving everyone!