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and now for something completely different part 3

kevin gilmore

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Some progress with Tube Hybrid(something).

PSU; left – Board with filament transformer and transformer for GRHV style regulator (+100V). To the right is Connex SMPS, put it in top of the first board and you have PSU with 6.3VAC, +100VDC and +/-30VDC.

Amplifier board with a tube daughter board. The required -5V is done on the amplifier board with a smd 7905 and a few capacitors.

Will it work? Who knows?

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30 minutes ago, JoaMat said:

My impression is that this is intended to be a Muscle CFA3. You probably want 3U – at least. :D  No V12 engine in a Volkswagen Beetle.

Agree. And a proper 1KVA toroid needed in the middle of the case as well with some 120,000 of caps.

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nope, going to need two boxes. no easy way to stack the front end board onto the heatsinks. the 2 boards will take up much of the bottom.

zero feedback generally ends up with a lower damping factor. so to boost the damping factor need more output transistors in parallel. and the sanken parts are actually 2 die in each package. and are to3p. i could go to 3 or 4 pairs of output transistors for even lower output impedance.

the idea is to drive jbl m2's with the amplification they deserve. not a pair of crown industrial amps.

and things like the susvara.

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