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Shure KSE1500 – Electrostatic Earphone

Leonardo Drummond

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The thing that makes me angry is that attitude, n3rdling. Its what big companies have been doing for ages... Trying to patent things unclear (well not unclear to be honest but they wanna get advantage). They also did new things, I admit that. I have no idea how complex the things they did but, driver is not facing, but have like 180 degree angle, bore and the acustic way toward bore is angled weirdly, the enclosure is kinda like balanced armature. Also anyone dig into the word "electret" what used to describe something about that iem? I really wanna know if my theory is correct.

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There's that one big boxy one (whose nomenclature I can never remember) that has them face forward, like speakers...

Are sigma's driver not even angled, like lambdas? Interesting...

Well my point is, as you understand, Shure did something very different about positioning drivers into closure.

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The whole patent paper reminds me of the big American audio companies in the 90's re-badging cheap players from Japan then claiming and marketing as if they made the whole thing from scratch, Wadia, Audio Alchemy etc. 


The patent system is a clusterfuck anyway, the whole Apple vs Samsung patent wars years ago shows exactly that and the patent system is nothing but a bogus broken framework.

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