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Questyle CMA800P "Stax preamp"

stax fart

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Just found this article on the web:


Stax themselves comissioned Questyle to design the preamp.

Info and internal pics of the preamp:

spam deleted

What do you think? Price is rumoured to be around 3k usd. 

PS: They also did a "golden edition":

spam deleted

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3 hours ago, luvdunhill said:

Not even Kevin?

Well they would probably ask him to do it and then fuck up the design afterwards...aka the 717.  That would also be very different because they would manufacture it, why would they get some way subpar company to make something to their specs which has no good use in the signal path.  Just doesn't make any sense. 

Much more sensible is that this is either pure and utter BS or they share the same distributor somewhere and it was them who asked for the "match" so sell more crap. 

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As if there's not enough substandard goods floating around as it is.

But, everyone likes a percieved bargain, even at the risk of getting stung.

Hindsight is always 20/20 vision, except to the deluded or chronic cases of cognitive dissonance.

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